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[CLIENT SPOTLIGHT] NO OFFER to enrolling a $20,000 client in 30 Days!

Season 2023, Ep. 3

Welcome to Rich Girl Radio, where I Give You The Business, It is your girl Danielle Murrell, High Ticket Mindset, Business and Sales coach to other lady coaches and experts desiring a Simpler Way To Scale so they can have the bandwidth and bank to show up as their best in all areas of their lives.

[CLIENT SPOTLIGHT] From NO OFFER to enrolling a $20,000 client in 30 Days!

Welcome and I’m excited today to share with you this Client Spotlight of my Lucrative and Leveraged Ladyboss Club program member Shani Fay

What I love about this story already is how we met, how she is an example taking the leap going all in, not having to stair step your way up in pricing, not having to start at the bottom with what you are charging, and showing up and inspiring others to do the same and went from no offer to a $20,000 client in 30 days. 

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