Revolution Church


"Toxic Grace?"

With The Eyes of Tammy Faye premier just days away, Jay can’t help but notice how much the media seems to pin us against each other. A topic that got him thinking about examining our own biases and how we only tend to like stuff that affirms our own prejudice. As always with Revolution Gathering, Jay dissects the concept of grace and explores the question ‘Can grace be toxic?’ – Do people deserve to be marked and shamed for the rest of their lives? Should Grace be extended to everyone? He discusses the dangers of projecting and returning bad for bad and evil for evil. He uses teachings from Jesus and Paul and James to show us how love is the only thing capable of turning an enemy to a friend, asking us all a very important question: What fruits do our judgements bring?

This talk was given on Sept 12, 2021 in Seattle, Washington.




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