Revolution Church


Where is There?

Jay starts this talk off by sharing memories of our friend Frank who passed away unexpectedly. He was greatly loved, greatly appreciated, and will be greatly missed. Then Jay does the unthinkable…he dives into a scripture he’s been avoiding, seemingly, for his whole career. What is this elusive scripture? Matthew 21. In this chapter, Jesus talks to leaders that are doubting his authority. This is done for a number of reasons, a main one seeming to be the company Jesus kept. In this interaction Jesus poses questions and parables, but also he makes sure to mention the love and kindness his company gives. He states how the tax collectors and sex workers of the time are more primed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven before the religious leaders. It bares to mention that Jesus don’t imply that the religious leaders won’t have access to the Kingdom, just that they seem to be trailing behind when it comes to love and grace, deeds and actions. Because, as Jay teaches in this talk, love trumps everything else. And he truly believes it–and it's a hill worth dying on. We are called to love and to be gentle with each other. To be patient. Can we imagine the impact on the world if we all just took extra steps to be gentle with each other! How does this chapter translate today? Who are our religious leaders that need this message? One of love and grace? Of gentleness and patience? Is it our politicians? Is it comedians? Is it us? At Revolution we love the hope of grace!This talk was given on December 11, 2022 in Seattle,