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The Barbaric Idea of Othering

"That talk went completely off the rails…" It's hard not to find ourselves with scattered minds and thoughts and emotions these days. Especially when you need to give a talk shortly after another mass shooting. It's hard to process and certainly hard to keep any talk on the rails—Yes, it might fall off the rails at times, but it's still one hell of a talk. Revolution is focused on doing everything we can to stop scapegoating each other. We want to stop making others "others." We want to have the tough conversations and become all things to all people. We want to live life on life's terms. But sometimes it's such a struggle. Loving your neighbor is tough, loving your enemy is tough. We get it. We struggle with it too! It takes work and it takes time. It's a narrow road and it's not for the feint of heart. Legalism is easier. Scapegoating is easier. Racism is easier. But what fruits do they bring? Do those things lead to peace? Do those things help others? Help ourselves? But finding common ground does. Having tough conversations does. Being accepted and loved as we are does. Let's take that road. Even though it's hard and so often we want to quit and take the wider, easier path. Let's stay the course. Let's love each other. Accept each other. Not shy from hard conversations. Let's lift others up. Let's stop othering the others and get away from such barbaric and ugly ideals. And let's do it together!This talk was given on May 15, 2022 in Seattle,

Kicking Against The Pricks

Jay is back from L.A. where's he's been working on a project about his mom. Combined that with Mother's Day and Jay reading his mom's book I Gotta Be Me and we got ourselves a talk! Today's talk isn't just about Tammy Faye, but also diving into the inspiration and impact she's had on Jay's life and his views on Grace—which is the cornerstone of Revolution Gathering. Jay talks about how Tammy Faye was a ruthless lover of people, and a prisoner of hope and love. How she always chose love and how love was her trump card. We know life is hard and life hurts. It's pain and it's suffering, and no one does it perfectly. So, when we try to show others love and Grace, of course we'll fail at it and of course we'll miss the mark. Life is messy! But we try! And we keep on trying and we choose love even when it's uncomfortable and even when it hurts. Because, as Jay ponders in his talk, maybe that's what dying to our flesh really is—maybe it's about just trying and failing and learning who we really are. What makes us who us, and our desires to be who we are. And as Tammy's favorite verse in Philippians points out, we can do all things! We can love and show grace, we can fail and struggle, because we're not doing it on our own. We don't need to walk the Narrow Road alone, that's why we have each other. That's why we have community. To help each other get to a place where we can let our suffering get us to a place of betterment and not bitterness. Because at the end of the day, we only get one life! Let's find out who we are and who we want to be. Let's die to our flesh and become that. In the words of someone far wiser than us…We gotta be us!This talk was given on May 8, 2022 in Seattle,

The Reality of Grace

"The one thing I've found about Christianity, why I think it's really an exceptional faith and religion, is that it's never too late." Jay is back from Missouri, and whoa baby does he have a talk that is right on the nose. Jay's trip had him feeling a mixed bag of emotions that he is still trying to process. Sometimes showing Grace is like pulling teeth – and sometimes your teeth get pulled when you return from Missouri after showing Grace. Only a few days removed from a dental procedure and barely able to eat solid food, Jay gives us a talk on The Prodigal Son. For deeper aspects and insight on the story, Jay turned to Luke…oh, sorry, not the Gospel. I meant Luke Skywalker. No, really. Jay gives a deep dive into both the parable and also dissects the redemption and Grace that is shown in Return of the Jedi. Grace and Star Wars, the two staples of Revolution. What if we aren't in a place where we can show Grace? What if it's too difficult, or even impossible? What if we don't have the bandwidth in ourselves for it? How do we love from afar until we can love up close? What did Tammy Faye mean by 'running into the roar'? What does it mean to take the third way? We all know how complex life is, and how we are often damned if we do and damned if we don't – so why are we trying to paint all lives of all people with the same broad strokes? Having theology and knowing the scriptures and having philosophy is great when it's in our mind – But how does it operate in real life? How do we live these ideas and beliefs? We don't know any better than you do, but we have some ideas! And if we stand together as a community and a gathering we stand the best chance to help ourselves and others in this life, where we are all just blowing around like leaves in the wind.This talk was given on April 24, 2022 in Seattle,

How's That Working for You James!

Life's tough, but…that's life. We deal with a lot of suffering, and life in general brings us a lot of it – and since that's something we all have in common, Jay dives in and starts to explore some verses on suffering. Even though the Bible isn't an answer book, we can learn a lot from wresting with not knowing the answers! Jay visits Romans, and James and 1 & 2 Peter to try and find some lessons and questions to wrestle with. What does a community look like? How can we use what we learn in these verses to help others and help ourselves? How badly do you want to slap James for what he says about suffering? There are a few things we know though, besides suffering being universal, and that is that suffering builds endurance…but also, suffering is cunning, and we have to remember this! It will find ways to get you! But can radical acceptance of what we're experiencing be a way of getting through suffering? Why is it easier to endure suffering when others are there? How do we treat 'the others' in our lives when they are in the midst of turmoil? Have we left loving 'the other' up to God? And is it possible to feel the closest to Christ when we're feeling abandoned? These are questions to wrestle with, these are questions that it's okay to not have the answers for – are the answers in the wrestling? It's really amazing just what trying to love one another, be understanding, and being friendly can do to help suffering! Just how much of a difference it can make. So…what can we do to be the difference?This talk was given on April 3, 2022 in Seattle,

Don't Blame Me, Blame Jesus

“Talks are always more popular if I mention my mom, so…Tammy Faye, Tammy Faye, Tammy Faye.” Of course we kid, we are not using Tammy Faye to get more views or streams – we’re mentioning her because of her influence on Jay in living a life that demonstrated love and Grace and caring. We’re always inspired by her unsinkable spirit, a spirit that is very much in line with today’s talk. It’s Revolutions least favorite time of the year, and that is the first week after Jay finishes his annual Galatians series. But since Galatians and Grace are at the core of Jay’s work and at the center of Revolution, once we leave one topic of Grace we move onto the next, and that is: Jesus, naturally. We know what Paul said about Grace, but what does Jesus have to say about it? Today we look at Luke 6 and find Jesus’s message of love and Grace and we see how they became the building blocks of Paul’s message. Does the Gospel make us foolish? Is Jesus’s message just as radical as Paul’s? Has the domestication of Christianity taken a message of radical Grace and forced it to become a bad imitation of itself? It sure seems like it, but that is what happens when things get too big and become watered down and family friendly. But the truth is that Christianity is radical and it’s insane and it asks us to do things that are very uncomfortable in order to make a lasting change. The narrow road of Christianity and Christ’s message isn’t about what you can and can’t do, what music to avoid, what shows to boycott, but really the narrow road is loving those who don’t love us. It’s not a natural road, and at times it’s barely possible – but if we help each other and support each other and lift each other up and correct with care, then what was once barely possible just…simply becomes possible.This talk was given on March 27, 2022 in Seattle,

When This Becomes the Escape

Today we are finishing up Galatians 5! The later part of Galatians chapter 5 is the most relevant when it comes to what we’re dealing with as a country and as a divided world. The warnings against biting and devouring each other – about a dire need for community and to not destroy one another, but instead to live with these differences and respect these differences. Think about how hard life is for people, we’re all going through it right now – the horrors on the news, war, gas prices! The list goes on...and on…and on! Relationships are hard enough to have with friends and family these days, let alone our enemies – and in a time of social media and the internet we’ve never had more contact with our enemies. Let us take a moment to look inward and try to figure out why we’re getting so angry at other people’s flaws and failures, let’s ask ourselves why we want them to be destroyed for this. What is Paul talking about when he talks about the Spirit, could it mean our unconscious? Paul takes time to write down a list of vices in this chapter, a list of things to avoid. But in tandem with that he also lists the fruits of the spirit, each virtue listed in response to an individual vice he previously listed. What if we can find a way to marry these contradictions together – if we can find a place for that contradiction to live, it can become a truth and can often lead to a higher truth. What do we have to do to keep these vices from turning into idols? How do we keep them from robbing us of the virtues he’s listed? And maybe most importantly…why is the crab in Moana so funny? Like many things, we don’t have the answers, but we like to discuss it and disagree well.This talk was given on March 13, 2022 in Seattle,

I Think God Hates Me

We finally made it to Galatians 5, well Galatians 5, Part 1. This chapter is a bit tricky as it mostly sums up Galatians 4, but that’s okay because the themes there bear repeating. Legalism is like a yoke around our neck. The problem with a yoke is it’s used to steer livestock, so when we wear this yoke around our necks, we’re not doing the steering. We’re being used. Legalism is toxic and has infected the church. An infection that we so often desire breaking free of, but in doing so, a lot of us leave the church fully and want nothing to do with God. This is where Grace comes in! Because God has no favorites! God doesn’t care about your bank account or your genitalia. God is love. All of us fall short, so Grace is for all of us. We all have flaws and faults and contradictions, and that is where we find God. What does it mean to fall from grace? Do we make Christ’s death in vain when we try to earn our salvation? Is perfectionism a form of idolatry? We have to remember what matters most, the only thing that matters, and that is that we are accepted. We are accepted by that which is bigger than ourselves! We can not fall into biting and devouring one another – and that is very hard to avoid these days, with so much division and anger and cancellation, but love never cancels someone – love endures through everything. So, we need to be a community of diversity! Not just diversity of race or gender or sexuality, but a diversity of thought! Let us disagree and let us argue but let us argue well! Let us disagree well! Let’s not go straight to war. Because in the end we all fall short, and people are people – we’re all made of the same ol’ dirt.This talk was given on March 06, 2022 in Seattle,