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The Reality of Grace

"The one thing I've found about Christianity, why I think it's really an exceptional faith and religion, is that it's never too late." Jay is back from Missouri, and whoa baby does he have a talk that is right on the nose. Jay's trip had him feeling a mixed bag of emotions that he is still trying to process. Sometimes showing Grace is like pulling teeth – and sometimes your teeth get pulled when you return from Missouri after showing Grace. Only a few days removed from a dental procedure and barely able to eat solid food, Jay gives us a talk on The Prodigal Son. For deeper aspects and insight on the story, Jay turned to Luke…oh, sorry, not the Gospel. I meant Luke Skywalker. No, really. Jay gives a deep dive into both the parable and also dissects the redemption and Grace that is shown in Return of the Jedi. Grace and Star Wars, the two staples of Revolution. What if we aren't in a place where we can show Grace? What if it's too difficult, or even impossible? What if we don't have the bandwidth in ourselves for it? How do we love from afar until we can love up close? What did Tammy Faye mean by 'running into the roar'? What does it mean to take the third way? We all know how complex life is, and how we are often damned if we do and damned if we don't – so why are we trying to paint all lives of all people with the same broad strokes? Having theology and knowing the scriptures and having philosophy is great when it's in our mind – But how does it operate in real life? How do we live these ideas and beliefs? We don't know any better than you do, but we have some ideas! And if we stand together as a community and a gathering we stand the best chance to help ourselves and others in this life, where we are all just blowing around like leaves in the wind.

This talk was given on April 24, 2022 in Seattle, WA.




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Soft in the Middle

We’ve all been there, all of us—those dark nights of the soul, where we doubt and feel abandoned by everyone, including God. Sometimes especially God. The only problem is that these dark nights seem to be stretching on to dark days, dark weeks, and dark years. Just feeling alone and abandoned. The bad news is I have no answers for you. The good news is you’re not alone. At all. Not even close. Did God abandon us or does it just feel that way? Is there really even a difference? This feeling of abandonment by God is as old as time itself. Quite literally. And it has no ownership. Christians feel abandoned, Atheists, Agnostics, Nihilists, Buddhists, Muslims, Jewish friends and family. You name it and they’ve felt it just like you and I have. This is something that should bring us together. Should keep us free from judgement and belittlement. Sadly that’s not the case and we often feel wrong or embarrassed on top of everything else. For today’s talk Joshua Murray dives into the Bible to look at others who have experienced this. He also looks to Paul…oh sorry, Paul Simon not the apostle, that was a bit misleading. He also looks to alcoholic space robots, binary solar systems, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Silver Surfer and Dr. Manhattan. Team them up with the heroes and prophets of the Bible and we might be able to navigate this all a bit more easily. And navigate it together with love and grace.This talk was given on June 05, 2022 from Long Island,

Very Surreal. Very Devastating.

It’s been a horrible week. Last week’s talk was a bit off the rails, coming off the heels of the shooting in Buffalo—and before we could recover from that there was another mass shooting in Texas. A school shooting of young kids. So, this talk, frustratingly, is on the same tracks as the last one. At Revolution we try our best, our absolute best, to practice what we preach. We don’t want to scapegoat, and we encourage others not to scapegoat and we understand truly how hard that is to do. When you’re so upset and so angry and so sad. We just want something concrete. We want a person to blame. We want something bigger than ourselves to put our faith and belief into. It’s confusing when every side of the aisle seems to be trying to give us an easy answer to appease us, all the while pointing their finger in the other direction. Who do we trust? How do we get through the day when we have so much hatred in our hearts? Our job is to love everyone and try to work together, but it’s hard! Very hard. Nothing is black and white. We should be uniting not dividing. We’re a country, not a sports team where our team is better than the other. We should be in this together. We look to the Bible but it's hard. We get that. The Old Testament says one thing, and Jesus says something else. Our strongly worded thoughts and opinions on social media don’t mean anything, we’re just screaming into a void. We must have tough conversations. We must talk with people that say things we don’t want to hear and say things they don’t want to hear. But with love and humanity. We’re more alike than we think, all of us—So what if we share that. If we share our frustrations and our doubts with each other and we are honest about it, we can find common ground. We can see the humanity in each other. It’s not easy but it’s necessary and we can do it.**Please note there were some recording hiccups, mostly in the video. We did our best to iron these out but some of it was unable to be fixed. Please bear with us as we try to iron out these hiccups in our new switch to YouTube Live**This talk was given on May 29, 2022 in Seattle,