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The Christie Gee Podcast - Jay Bakker on 'The Eyes of Tammy Faye' movie

In late September of 2021 Jay had a great talk with good pal and podcaster Christie Gee to talk about The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Christie was nice enough to share the interview with us so we could post this special cross-over episode! Enjoy and please be sure to listen, follow and subscribe to Christie too, because she's the best!!

The Christie Gee Podcast:

"In this Episode I welcome back my friend Jay Bakker for the third time!

We talk about the movie made about his family called 'The Eyes Of Tammy Faye' starring Jessica Chastain (who also produces the film) and Andrew Garfield! How wild would that be to have a major motion picture made about YOUR family?! I can't even imagine! Well...we dig into what that’s like for Jay, his thoughts on the film, personal stories about his momma, the influence his mother had on him in, how she felt when he made the decision to become a gay affirming pastor, how therapy has helped him during this time with the movie out in the world and more! I had a lot of fun talking to Jay as always! This movie gave me so many feels and I highly suggest y'all check it out! In theaters nation wide! " - Christie Gee




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