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The Barbaric Idea of Othering

"That talk went completely off the rails…" It's hard not to find ourselves with scattered minds and thoughts and emotions these days. Especially when you need to give a talk shortly after another mass shooting. It's hard to process and certainly hard to keep any talk on the rails—Yes, it might fall off the rails at times, but it's still one hell of a talk. Revolution is focused on doing everything we can to stop scapegoating each other. We want to stop making others "others." We want to have the tough conversations and become all things to all people. We want to live life on life's terms. But sometimes it's such a struggle. Loving your neighbor is tough, loving your enemy is tough. We get it. We struggle with it too! It takes work and it takes time. It's a narrow road and it's not for the feint of heart. Legalism is easier. Scapegoating is easier. Racism is easier. But what fruits do they bring? Do those things lead to peace? Do those things help others? Help ourselves? But finding common ground does. Having tough conversations does. Being accepted and loved as we are does. Let's take that road. Even though it's hard and so often we want to quit and take the wider, easier path. Let's stay the course. Let's love each other. Accept each other. Not shy from hard conversations. Let's lift others up. Let's stop othering the others and get away from such barbaric and ugly ideals. And let's do it together!

This talk was given on May 15, 2022 in Seattle, WA.




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I'm Tired. I'm Too Tired.

Sorry for the delay this week, it was pretty unavoidable as both Jay and Josh had Covid back-to-back. But now we’re here now! Better late than never. This week’s talk is pretty raw and very honest. Jay is worn out, plain and simple. He’s just worn out, and the Covid recovery wasn’t helping matters. But what do we do when we feel worn out like that? What do we do when our grace seems to be reaching its limits? Jay reads a little bit from the book of James to see if he can find any strength in there for himself and for us. Because everyone is going through stuff. Everyone. And a lot of the struggles we go through, no one else sees. So when we’re struggling and hurting and it feels like we’re sinking, what do we do? Where do we turn? How do we stop from being consumed by others and how do we not consume them as well? What does it mean to be toxic? What does it mean to make the choice of showing grace? How do we not give up on someone that’s hurting us? Can we choose love? Can we choose grace? Can learning to disagree well do more for us and the people around us, and world at large, than always agreeing can? Do people get more growth and change from relationships or from scripture? What do we do when we’re just so so tired? These are some of the things Jay discusses this week that gives us food for thought and challenges us to choose love…if we can.This talk was given on July 17, 2022 in Seattle,

We Can't Put Our Trust in Babylon

“Don’t put your but in an angry person’s face.” This is the sound advice we get from this week’s guest speaker Zoso Birss. This week Zoso gives a great talk where they dive into the concept of non-violent communication. What is non-violent communication? How can we practice it? Who can we look to as a role model for this approach? What does Jesus have to say about it? Where do Martin Luther King and Malcom X come into play? What does Paul have to say on this? Zoso starts their talk with the concept of a Land Acknowledgement–they discuss what it is and what it means to them as a Canadian living in an occupied land and how we can bring those same principles into our understanding of the Bible. How the issue of occupied land would have been a large factor in Jesus’ life and upbringing and how the deep history of rising and falling empires would be the stories that Jesus grew up with and how those stories and history would ultimately shape the person of Jesus and his ministry. Also was Mary a punk rocker?Also please stick around at the end for the Afterglow! After the talk Zoso stuck around in chat and addressed various topics ranging from gender and sex to how to live (and at times fail) the practice of non-violent communication…even when someone is using a literal soapbox and microphone to amplify hate speech around you and your family.This talk was given on July 3, 2022 in