Revolution Church


Our Friend Caleb Rowe

"May we all be beautifully broken in this world, and may we all have the grace to allow each other to be that also."

No write up this week. No long-winded descriptions or witty jokes. There's really nothing to be said. This week's talk is a rough one as Jay shares fond and honest memories of our friend Caleb. We are all heartbroken and will miss Caleb very much. He was a great guy and a great friend and he touched us all and changed our lives. We love him very much. You'll be missed Caleb.

Love your friends and love them well.

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Dotting I's and Crossing T's

Jay is getting ready to head to London to see the musical Elton John wrote about Tammy Faye. What a strange life this is. But before he heads across the pond, he gives a lively talk about……grace, obviously! This is Revolution we’re talking about. In this talk Jay reflects a bit on being ‘haunted by God’ and how it’s what pulls him to continue his work and to love a religion that has caused him and his family so much pain. “Someone needs to save religion from the harm it’s done.” Enough with the punishment talk and the judgement talk. Enough of Christianity being defined based on all of the things it’s against. Grace is real and it’s something to talk about. Jay also dives into a bit of a philosophical quandary–Grace is a free gift…but what if it is an unwanted gift? What if people don’t want grace for themselves or to give it to others. What if they don’t want to argue well? It’s a question that’s worth diving into. To ask ourselves how a religion based on faith, hope and love and of grace and forgiveness is now the opposite of that. How a belief structure of unconditional love has so many conditions now. It’s a slippery slope because to whom much is given…much is required. And we’ve been given much much grace. So there has to be more than just preaching to the choir! What good does that do? There has to be disagreements and learning in order to grow. So, let’s be ready to give an answer, but let’s make sure it’s covered with love and grace.This talk was given on October 23, 2022 in Seattle,