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Kill Your Idols

“I’m not a politician–but my message and work is to help us live in any political climate.” It’s getting tiring to have to say, again, every week, about how crazy life is getting. How everything is falling apart and we’re all hanging on by a thread. But here we are again and it’s the same thing…life is so difficult right now. Everything is upside down. So what are we to do? How do we live a different ethic, one that Jesus teaches and calls upon us to live, how do we leave that in this current political climate? We’re never told by Jesus or Paul to look to Rome…so why should we now? We don’t know the answers, really we don’t. But we know the answers lie in Community–in people, and in tough conversations. We are all sinking! We need people over politics, not the other way around. We need dissenting voices. We need reform. It’s Revolution’s work–to help us with any circumstances that come along. That’s it. That’s really all we can think to say. This talk isn’t very comfortable. People might get mad, or sad, or upset. But it’s a good talk and it gives us a lot to think about. A lot to discuss. And a lot to disagree on…but to disagree well. We need reform.

This talk was given on June 26, 2022 in Seattle, WA.




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The Kingdom Divided

Jay is back home and doing his best the fight the heat out in Washington. Why are A/Cs so loud? This week Jay wanted to pick up where last week left off. To continue the themes that him and Peter Rollins touched on last week–the importance of listening well. Willing to go into places that have conflict. Often we’re not willing to listen to ‘the other’ or try to understand why we disagree. Hearing others in that way is a lot different than being yelled at and screamed at. So how do we sit down with our ‘enemies’ and listen? What are the snares of counterfeit love? Jay feels that having these conversations is the road less traveled. That the easiest road is just finding the snarkiest meme and snappiest comeback and throwing it in each others faces. So the importance is to listen well. It is also the way that leads to disagreeing well. So what are the enemies of listening? To discover that Jay dives into some of Paul’s writings and some of Peter’s writings. As a society we have forgotten, it seems, how to even agree to disagree, let alone to disagree well. Are we mixing up hating what is evil and hating people? Are we called to hate people? Are we called to fight with love, compassion and purpose? What does that look like? What was Jesus’s response and reaction to John the Baptists death? Did he hate? Did he love? Did he fight? What Did Jesus Do?This talk was given on July 31, 2022 in Seattle,

I'm Tired. I'm Too Tired.

Sorry for the delay this week, it was pretty unavoidable as both Jay and Josh had Covid back-to-back. But now we’re here now! Better late than never. This week’s talk is pretty raw and very honest. Jay is worn out, plain and simple. He’s just worn out, and the Covid recovery wasn’t helping matters. But what do we do when we feel worn out like that? What do we do when our grace seems to be reaching its limits? Jay reads a little bit from the book of James to see if he can find any strength in there for himself and for us. Because everyone is going through stuff. Everyone. And a lot of the struggles we go through, no one else sees. So when we’re struggling and hurting and it feels like we’re sinking, what do we do? Where do we turn? How do we stop from being consumed by others and how do we not consume them as well? What does it mean to be toxic? What does it mean to make the choice of showing grace? How do we not give up on someone that’s hurting us? Can we choose love? Can we choose grace? Can learning to disagree well do more for us and the people around us, and world at large, than always agreeing can? Do people get more growth and change from relationships or from scripture? What do we do when we’re just so so tired? These are some of the things Jay discusses this week that gives us food for thought and challenges us to choose love…if we can.This talk was given on July 17, 2022 in Seattle,