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It was too hard to swing service last week, but we’re back! And this week Jay has a great talk about love. About perfect love, which we can never achieve, but if we try, truly try, we’ll all be better for it. It’s impossible to talk about love and not reference Paul’s letter to the Corinthians. Yes, it’s not just for weddings! But the focus today isn’t on the wedding ceremony or love that we feel at the beginning of a relationship—but rather the love we have for family members…that really, really, difficult love. The love that takes effort and patience and preparation and breathing. Because THAT is a lot closer to what love is. At least that’s how it seems. But the thing about that sort of love, is that Paul says that if we don’t have it, if we don’t try, then everything else we do is useless. Is that true? Are we useless without love? Can we achieve perfect love as human beings? This is where it gets hard to navigate. The anger we have for others, even people we truly care about, we won’t carry around forever—it feels like it, but we won’t always be angry…so how do we navigate these relationships and interactions while we are still stuck in that anger? Can we still feel and practice love in those moments? And everyone, we get it, we do. We know it is a BIG ask when we say to disagree well and to love others. It’s super hard. It’s hard for us just as much as it is for you. It’s a big ask…but that is why we ask it. Because with loving others—and not hating others—the effort is important. Because we will fail, and we’ll kick ourselves and be hard on ourselves. But trying is such a big part. Effort is such a big part. This sort of love isn’t naturally felt, at least we don’t think so. Remember, it's progress, not perfection. Let’s focus on that. Let’s have faith in that. Let’s put our hope in that. Because faith, hope, and love endure.

This talk was given on October 8, 2023 from Seattle, Washington.




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  • Fortunes of Wrath - 2024 Galatians Series: Part 5

    We’re back in Galatians again for the next in the series. We’re in chapter 3 today! This is the longest we’ve taken to go through this study—and we’re excited about that! Context is important. We like to really dive in, go over it with a fine-tooth comb. We love seeing all the ways that the people Paul was writing to were just like us, having the same struggles with faith, grace, and humanity. But we also see how much we’ve grown and evolved since then. An interesting thing about this chapter is how it shows us that people debating grace vs. law vs. works is nothing new. It was seemingly happening back then the same as it is now. So, in a lot of ways maybe we haven’t grown and evolved. Or maybe it’s a bit of both. This talk and study have been bringing up a lot of interesting discussions—is faith a gift, or something we earn? Does good scholarship lead to heresy? Is grace a slippery slope? What is counterfeit law? What is counterfeit love? This book and this study have been opening up a lot of new avenues for understanding Paul’s writing more and more. We know he’s not always the most popular guy in some Christian circles these days, but we think understanding the context of Paul as a person, and the time he lived in, can help clear up a lot of those misunderstandings. This talk was given on February 18, 2024 from Seattle,
  • Dr. Nonconformist

    Our Galatians study has been so in-depth this year, and so jam-packed with new scholarship, that we’re taking a break this week. This way the other talks can settle, and Jay can get back to studying. But even though we’re taking a break from Galatians, that doesn’t me that Paul won’t still be present all throughout this talk. Today Jay is actually going to go through some scripture and verses that he just straight up does not like. Verses that that rub him the wrong way, or we at Revolution feel have been misrepresented. Mostly it’s scripture about conformity and nonconformity and what that means. What does “sober judgement” mean? What does Paul mean when he’s warning us about being self-important? Do we need to be part of groupthink in order to be part of that group? Does our misunderstanding of these passages accidentally make Jesus’s death in vain? What this world needs more than anything is love, and more love on top of that. But how can we make sure the love is real and not counterfeit love? Here at Revolution, aside from our love of Galatians, we feel strongly that the shift in a lot of todays culture gives Paul a bad rap. When he’s held to today’s rules and standards, he can seem problematic, for sure. But what happens when we add context and nuance back into it. What happens if we just let Paul be Paul. Is it too late to reclaim him? Because things are getting out of hand. We need to be the voices calling out in the wilderness if we want to see real change. We need to stop making our politicians into gods and we need to stop building our spiritual beliefs based on a certain party and their stance. Because that’s been the way of things for too long now, and society seems to have gotten to a place where we know more about what the church is against, rather that what it is for. And…well, that’s not very good news at all. How can we fix this?This talk was given on February 11, 2024 from Seattle,
  • Nationalism and the Apostles – 2024 Galatians Series: Part 4

    This is the longest we’ve ever taken to get through the first 2 chapters of Galatians! That’s because Jay has learned so much new scholarship, and it unlocked all sorts of nuance and context and a deeper understanding for all of us. So, let’s get right into it! Today we’ll be talking about some pretty uncomfortable stuff at times, mainly the idea of Nationalism. This was something Paul was dealing with in his time just as we are dealing with it now. Just another example of how Galatians is just as relevant today as it’s ever been. We spend a lot of time today dissecting Paul’s rebuke of Peter. What was the whole story? Why does he do it? Did him and Peter have issues in the past? Was Paul just making a name for himself? Or was there something deeper than all of that that we aren’t aware of. Jay also discusses the idea, and dangers, of taking the Bible at face value. Something so many of us were taught to do—but can that lead to trouble, separation, and even hatred? Paul seems to be very uninterested in the life of Christ, putting more focus on the fruits of Jesus’s death and how it unites all of us. Makes us one. How his death stopped making us each others “other.” Jay also shares a great story about the moment Revolution Gathering was born thirty years ago. This is a real good one, folks!This talk was given on February 04, 2024 from Seattle,
  • Wake Up - 2024 Galatians Series: Part 3

    Here we are with more Galatians study! We have a lot to go through today. Jay’s continued studying and research really makes this study stand apart from other years, bringing a fresh take to our annual study. Paul gets a bad rap these days, mostly because when held up to the standards of today’s way of thinking he often feels problematic—but was Paul more progressive and ahead of his time than he gets credit for? Is he one of the most misunderstood authors of the New Testament? Is Paul’s humanity something we can be inspired by? In this chapter Paul calls out Peter about his behavior and his view of others. Calling into question Peter’s exclusivity and how what he was preaching didn’t fit with how he was living. What does Paul have to say about “important” people and social hierarchy? Is social hierarchy an issue we still struggle with today? Have politicians become gods? Is Grace out the door now? Do we only have room for judgement and division? How does thinking like that stake up with the idea of ‘taking up our cross?’—Like I said, this year’s study is something different and is uncovering a whole new set of questions. It’s exciting stuff!! We mean it when we say that we have a lot to go through today!This talk was given on January 28, 2024 from Seattle,
  • Why We Are Who We Are - 2024 Galatians Series: Part 2

    Jay is back from Sundance Film Festival where they premiered the new documentary he worked on about his mom Tammy Faye. Jay shares with us some stories about Sundance and the people he met and which celebrities he had some close encounters with. He also takes some time to reflect on some of the friends we lost last year and how this documentary brough up some of that pain. The best way to help with that pain is to dive right into the Book of Galatians! A book of love and grace! This is part 2 of the Galatians series. Jay’s never broken up the first chapter into multiple talks like he has this year, but we want something new, and he’s been learning all sorts of new and interesting stuff about this letter to the Galatians—so this study is not like the previous years. While Jay was interacting with the Hollywood crowd in Sundance, he observed their exclusivity too and it struck him that Christianity gets a reputation for being exclusive, but humanity as a whole is pretty exclusive. So it is up to us to change that and to be inclusive. This is some of the stuff Paul talks about in his writings as well. Before his conversion on the road to Damascus, Paul wasn’t the best person out there. In his religious zeal he hurt people, destroyed communities, sown discourse—what makes this letter very interesting is see how Paul learned from his own past and changed. And now he’s writing to a divided community to try and stop them from doing what he was once responsible for doing himself. It really adds a whole new layer to this study.This talk was given on January 21, 2024 from Seattle,
  • Don't Remind Me - 2024 Galatians Series: Part 1

    It’s a new year, so we’re back at it with our annual Galatians study to kick it off! This year Jay brings new study materials and new scholarship — continuing to unlock more and more that this letter has to offer. There is something unsettling that the issues addressed in this letter by Paul are still so relevant to us today. But that makes it just as timely and just as helpful as ever. The Galatians study continues to teach us more and more about grace, while still asking some really important questions. Is there such a thing as grace, or is it just a scam to justify and excuse our own sins? Is the Bible perfect? What was God’s role in the process of writing and assembling it? Is doubt the opposite of faith? Is doubt an aspect of faith? This letter was written to a community that was completely divided, and it was Paul’s way of reaching out to try and help repair it. That’s why we continue to study it because we still need the help. And each year we learn more and more, helping us all grow more and more. It’s a really great thing.Note: Apologies for the lower audio quality this week. Even though it’s not too bad, we’re still not sure what happened, and we were unable to fix it. We’re going to try our hardest to pinpoint the problem and hopefully keep it from happening again.This talk was given on January 7, 2024 from Seattle,
  • Feeding the Monster

    Apologies for the brief delay on this week’s talk. Josh has been fighting with Covid all week which made editing the video not the easiest feat. But it’s here now and what a way to close out the year. For the last talk of 2023 Jay is going into the book of James! I know, we couldn’t believe it either. But he is and he knocks it out of the park. James is a tricky book, not really because what it says, but a lot of because of how it’s taught and used. Have almost 100% of pastors—including Jay—gotten this book wrong? Today Jay dives into this particular book to talk about the dangers of showing partiality. Are the rich treated differently? By everyone? Are we just as guilty? The Bible, especially the Gospels, talk about loving people equally…but do we do that? Can we do that? How do we love people the best we can? What we tend to know the most about the book of James is when it talks about ‘faith without works,’ but what does that mean? Do the themes of James and the themes of punk rock share similar roots? Is Ian MacKaye a modern-day Paul? And most importantly, can we make life a little bit less of a hell for people by simply focusing on life before death, before we worry about life after death. I’m telling you, this is a great talk. No better way to finish out the year, and no better talk to lead into our 2024 Galatians Study!!This talk was given on December 31, 2023 from Seattle,
  • Can We All Just Disagree

    It’s Christmas Eve and Jay has a great one for us today. This talk is a pretty positive one too, go figure! Our talks don’t always have this much of a positive spin on them, so when it does happen, we try to take full advantage of them. And Jay is excited about this one. Today’s talk is about looking at the difference between arguing well and disagreeing well. What does each of those mean. We used to treat them as being pretty similar but maybe they aren’t. Does learning how to disagree well need to come before learning how to argue well? Is it harder to argue well or disagree well? Maybe learning to disagree well should be our starting point. Jay also gets into the topic of love and the different kinds of love mentioned in the Bible. Have things changed to a point where we find our friends loving us more as family, and family as friends? Is it harder to argue/disagree well with people we love than it is with strangers? How important is learning to let go in the practice of disagreeing well? Jay talks about all of this stuff and more. If I was to write out every gem he hits on in this talk, this description would go on for pages and pages. Enjoy the talk and happy holidays!!This talk was given on December 24, 2023 from Seattle,
  • Sleeping Pill Mind

    Revolution is coming up on its 30th year!! So Jay reflects a little bit on that, and shares some good news as we catch up on what’s been going on with him. Then he dives into the talk, and Jay is back and more inspired!! So, with feeling so inspired after 30 years, Jay’s talk today is about…inspiration! Has Christianity lost its inspiration? What inspires us to do what we do? How do we inspire others to argue well? Can we even inspire others? Do we use more fear than inspiration? Jesus tried to inspire us to almost live in a different world, to behave differently and to love in a different way and it’s not always easy. The Bible isn’t very often teaching us many easy lessons. The Bible is something we have to wrestle with and negotiate with, something we have to engage with actively. Especially if we want to use it for love and inspiration.This talk was given on December 17, 2023 from Seattle,