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"I Like A Little Chaos"

Due to living life on life’s terms Jay had to pre-record todays talk. After receiving some pushback over posting an archived talk a few weeks back, followed up by some challenging responses to a tongue-in-cheek tweet he posted, Jay addresses the deeper issues behind these interactions. He talks about how phrases we use pretty regularly, like “A Higher Calling” can really do damage if they are used without thought. He discusses how a higher calling should be treated as a reality and not just an expectation of the phrase. Playing off of this idea, Jay dives into how leaders are held to a different standard that is not a human standard. And at the core of all of this discussion is Jay’s belief that Revolution Gathering can lead the way to reformation and make a more human church. To get rid of the hierarchy of a community in order for there to be a reformation. Often, we feel like pastors believe on our behalf if we are struggling – but what if our pastors need us to believe on their behalf when they are struggling? We have to ask ourselves what we really want in a community and a church. Do we want transparency or just comfort? Do we want a motivational clubhouse, or do we want to life in its rawest form?

This talk was given on November 21, 2021 in Seattle, Washington.




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The Apostle's Pet Sounds

Achtung Baby!! Every year at this time Jay takes us on a deep dive into the Book of Galatians. An on-going series about Paul’s letter the Galatians, which might be more timely than ever. Written to a community that was dangerously divided, which is something hitting a bit too close to home these days. Division is everywhere, in religion, in politics, social media, friends, family, pandemics, vaccinations – you name it and we're divided on it these days. People often call the Bible timeless, but Jay teaches how he feels that this letter in particular is more timely than it is timeless. Paul’s letter to the Galatians is the glue at the center of Jay’s talks and at the center of Revolution Gathering itself. It inspired the Reformation and defines the concept of Grace better than any other writing. It teaches us that ‘compromise’ isn’t a bad word, and it helps us get to a place beyond our comfort zones and beyond ourselves. It teaches us that two things that don’t agree with each can often bring together a higher truth! It teaches Grace and the reality of accepting ourselves where we are at and accepting that we are accepted. Grace is willing to lay all the cards on the table and have the hard talks. Not everything in this letter is comfortable, and some concepts will lead to some pretty hard talks. But they are talks worth having, and that’s why Jay dedicates a whole study to it at the start of every year.This talk was given on January 9, 2022 in Seattle,