Revolution Church


Haphazardly Human

Back from the New York Premiere of The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Jay gives a brief talk about humanity before answering viewers questions about his experience on the “Pink Carpet.” Before diving into the ups and downs of his premiere experience, Jay visits, as usual, the apostle Paul and discusses what Paul has to say about our humanity and also talks about how we can live a life that is based in reality - where we can recognize the hypocrisy in our own lives and the things we do to fill the ‘lack within us.’ He discusses the idea of “falling short” and how the need for grace is actually good news! - Then after a brief technical hiccup, Jay engages with viewers to discuss the music his sister Tammy made for the movie and how proud he is of her and how it encouraged him to not give up. He gives us the rundown on meeting Vincent D’Onofrio, shares how Jessica Chastain became his Lloyd Dobler, and tells us about a moment where he lived his truth. Also, how he drank a ton of Diet Coke…and maybe might have stolen a prop from the movie, but shhh, don’t say anything.

This talk was given on Sept 19, 2021 in Seattle, Washington.




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