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Freudian Slip

Jay is back and refreshed and hits us with a great talk about Redemption. The talk is a bit of a follow up to a social media poll he put out asking for different thoughts, stories, or examples of redemption. He discusses how sometimes we have the thought of redemption pretty backwards–sometimes it’s not about us redeeming others, but it’s about them redeeming us, or us redeeming ourselves. About how sometimes enough time goes by that the truth starts to show itself. This leads him into a pretty deep dive into the redemption of Sinead O’Connor and what truth the passing of time has shown us about her life and actions. He discusses the difference between ‘restoration’ and ‘redemption’…is there a difference? Jay also dives into 3 examples of redemption as shown in the Bible looking at the books of Luke, Acts, and Romans–is grace and redemption for everyone? How did Paul go from killing Christians and upholding the law to wanting to do away with the law? Is the law cursed? Is Sinead O’Connor a perfect example of redemption? And where does the fictional prison of Shawshank fit into all of this?

This talk was given on November 13, 2022 in Seattle, Washington.




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