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Jay is on the road this week, but this time with his best mate Peter Rollins. Jay picks Pete’s brain about the idea of not only arguing well, but also listening well–which often leads to arguing well. This is something the country is really struggling with. We always seem to be moving from one crisis to another and we never stop and listen or take any time to disagree well, to argue well. Pete discusses similar themes and solutions he’s observed in Ireland and how they overcame a lot of the same struggles. He talks about the idea of the unconscious, and how it is not just something a person struggles with, but also how groups and societies can also fall victim to it as well. Together they talk about the idea of opening ourselves up to listening to those who critique us, the dangers of patronizing love, what it means to have conflict, what it means to have war, and what it means to see ourselves through the eyes of others. All of this–and of course, as always–giving each other a hard time while doing it.

This talk was given on July 24, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.




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Jesus, Paul, & Swamp Thing

Outrage culture, humanity, and division. Do these things go together? Today’s speaker, Joshua Murray, tries to pull the threads to see if they connect. In talking about humanity, Josh knew he had to go to the source–he had to go to the best place he could think of to discuss this topic, so he picked up his tablet that has his study bible with its notations and footnotes….and ignored that and instead used his tablet to reread some issues of Swamp Thing. More specifically Alan Moore’s run of Swamp Thing. What can we learn from this ‘monster’ when it comes to humanity? What can he teach us about how we see each other and ourselves? What makes us human? It’s hard to summarize all the nuance and complications of Swamp Thing, but we try! Can this comic book tie into the teachings of Jesus, or how about Paul? What’s it mean to be a servant of all? Why is Paul building tents to make money and survive when he doesn’t need to? What’s it mean to become all things to all people? And why is Jesus talking about circumcision during a festival? And most importantly what are the steps we need to take in ourselves to rise past outrage culture? What are the steps we need to take in ourselves to bridge the divisions in us? If you were standing by the Ark of the Covenant and it started to fall would you try to catch it?This talk was given on September 11, 2022 on Long Island, New

Our God is Politics

Today we’re gonna talk about what we always talk about. As usual, we’re gonna beat a dead horse. But it’s a message that bears repeating. A message of love, a message of showing grace. A message of not scapegoating. But it’s getting harder and harder to live this as times get more and more troubling. Is there a guide in our faith to navigate these current times and the binary way of thinking that is thrust on us? Life is full of nuances, why aren’t we allowed to see them anymore? It seems that in the U.S. politics have completely taken priority over our faith and religion these days. Where we aren’t divided by theological differences or biblical scholarship, but rather it’s all about if we’re progressive or conservative. It seems like we are being influenced to be afraid of each other. We keep creating enemies that divide us and keep us divided. Is Christianity a failed religion? It used to be something that kicked against the pricks. Are we recognized by our love? Christianity doesn’t seem to be about faith anymore, or about loving people. But more so it’s about whose side you are on. We have to remember that Love is the only force capable of turning an enemy into a friend. It’s not about politics, it’s not about theology. It’s about Love.This talk was given on September 04, 2022 in Seattle,