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A Prayer of Doubt and Forsakenness

“There is Nothing Good in Me.” Paul says this in the Book of Romans. On Mental Health Awareness Day, Jay gives one of his most raw and passionate and personal talks about mental health. He opens up about his mental health, and touches on some topics that are universal to everyone struggling with mental health – which shows us we are not alone. He tells us how failing at suicide was the best thing to ever happen to him and he discusses therapy and studying and everything he has done to find the better way to live life on life’s terms. “Depression and mental illness lie to us…we all have those struggles.” Jay also shares how he learned to love the humanity of Jesus and how he never felt closer to Christ, or understood him more, than when he studied Jesus in the garden, and Jesus feeling abandoned on the cross. This illuminating and uplifting talk covers a lot of topics, some light and some heavy, but it leaves us with the most important truth there is – a promise that it gets better. A promise that it is worth it. It’s worth staying alive.

This talk was given on Oct 10, 2021 in Seattle, Washington.




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We're Not IBM

“I guess today what I wanted to do is come to you and say: ‘These are the things I’m thinking about.’” – Today’s talk is a bit different from Jay’s other talks in many ways, more abstract, but as always it is filled with grace and love and honesty. Jay approaches this talk acknowledging that we are all working with different traumas in our lives that lead us each to learning different lessons, so there is an amount of absurdity in the thought that we should all be on the same page. We don’t have to agree with the other perspective, but the idea is that we get a fuller picture of reality when we come together and learn, even in our disagreements. Jay shares some raw and heartfelt thoughts with us, and lays his own sufferings on the table because there is no hierarchy of pain and suffering – we’re all in this together. And being honest and finding ways to help ourselves also helps others. Helping others is what makes us a church/gathering. Jay reminds us that Revolution Gathering does not take place in the hour that he is giving his talk, but in the 6 days and 23 hours in-between talks. Suffering and hardships make us into people we never thought we could be – but if you’re listening to this talk and reading this description then you’ve already survived everything so far! Keep going. There isn’t always a magical Bible verse to help get us through – but that is why we have each other.This talk was given on December 12, 2021 in Seattle,