The Box of Delights (1984)

Season 3, Ep. 15

We're all jolly well going to have a splendiferous time, and try not to get scrobbled by rotters, as Adam and Heather head into a fortuitous snowfall to seek out a copy of Box of Delights... only to find that Box of Delights was contained within their own boxes of delight (no sniggering at the back) the whole time - their online TV streaming services! Hooray! Isn't that just the purple pim?

So join them for the last RetroTube of 2021 (and week four of their Patrick Troughton marathon), crack open the eggnog and whiskey mac, steal all the strawberry Quality Street before anyone else can get their hands on them, play with your new Star Wars figures (I got Greedo and Biker Scout, what did you get?) and enjoy... The Box of Delights.

Maria Jones says: podcasts are boring, we should all just have gun battles with the latest military hardware, and maybe drop bombs on each other, that's be whizzer! But if you must listen to silly old podcasts - yawn - then the least you could do is like, rate, review and share the podcast, before I blast you with my real Colt Peacemaker, just like cowboys had. Pow pow!

Music by Berlin Horse

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