• 9. Give Us A Clue (1979-1980)

    Third syllableRoundLong?Pipe - is it pipe?CylinderTelescope?TUBE! TUBE!Okay, second syllable.Boat.Rowing boat.ROW!Row-tubeRETROTUBE![audience applause]Please like, rate, review and share the podcast, otherwise Beryl will have a word. And whatever you do, no being silly. retrotubepodcast@gmail.comTheme Music by Berlin HorseMime by Roff Joffley and Oscar Vambuselem
  • 8. BONUS: Moondial (1988) - with Audrey Violet

    Due to unpopular demand, here's a bonus episode covering episodes 5 & 6 of Moondial (after we received complaints that we only covered 1-4) featuring the wonderful Audrey Violet (previously heard on the Escape Into Night and Cardboard Cinema Club: Celine & Julie Go Boating episodes*).Whereas Heather was a newbie to the world of Moondial, Audrey is an old hand - in fact, it's one of her favourite things ever. So who better to cover the rest of Moondial with? No one, that's who.You can find Auds Violet on Twitter @crowviolets, and in the podcasting world on her very own show, The Violet Ghost Train.Heather will be back next time, as we watch... well, something. It's a surprise.*1001 thanks to Iain of the All Of Time And Space for his recommendation of our little Parisian adventure towards the end of the Doctor Who Season 4 retrospective episode, it was a delightful surprise.
  • 7. Moondial (1988)

    It's time to take a trip to deepest rural Lincolnshire, and meet wise old Aunt Mary, jolly Mr World and lovely cuddly Miss Raven - not to mention Maggs the kindly gardener and Mrs Crump, the happiest cook in all the county. Yes, it's Moondial!It's a perfect excuse for Adam to bang on something tedious about his childhood, but will Heather find anything to enjoy about this tale of spooky tale of time-travelling children, or will it all be a big ol' yawn?Please like, rate, review and share the podcast, otherwise you'll get locked in a storeroom with nothing to do but polish your bottle. retrotubepodcast@gmail.comTheme Music by Berlin 'orse.I wanna take a leak but there's a policeman eying meHe's there every week, I wonder what his query can be.
  • 6. The Muppet Show (1976-1980)

    It's The Muppet Show, yaaaaaaaay! And also two of Heather's favourite things: short men and puppets. In the last episode, we featured two of show business's finest small men, Davy Jones and Steve Marriott. Well, hold onto your potatoes Dr Jones, for this episode we have THREE of show business's finest small men, from the worlds of music, comedy and measuring up to the height requirement for stormtroopers.But more importantly, we also meet The Muppets - a community of weird mutations who are so shunned by society that they're forced to perform humiliating sideshow acts just to survive. Luckily, the bleeding heart liberal elite (ie woke pampered celebrities like Rita Moreno) are on hand to try and lend this spectacle some kind of legitimacy. Something something snowflakes something something millennials.Ahem, sorry, I don't know what came over me.Please like, rate, review and share the podcast, otherwise Peter Sellers will get you. retrotubepodcast@gmail.comTheme Music by Berlin Horse.
  • 5. Pop Quiz (1984)

    Well, RetroTube was almost on a roll, then Adam went and got bloomin' Covid and spent the two and a half weeks he COULD'VE been editing this episode instead lying around on the sofa watching films. Went The Day Well? and Train To Busan is quite the double bill.Anyway, after all the gloss and action of the last four episodes, courtesy of Heather, it's time for a dog-eared mid-80s quiz show whose set is made from old carboard boxes, glitter and disappointment - it's the reliably awkward Pop Quiz, featuring three of Heather's Short Faves, hooray. Please like, rate, review and share the podcast, otherwise Mike Read will sing an offensive song about you. retrotubepodcast@gmail.comTheme Music by Adam S. Leslie, Mr Berlin Horse.Correction: at one point, Adam describes Paul Jones as a 6 Music DJ. Paul Jones is, in fact, a BBC Radio 2 DJ - yes, he's *that* swanky. Sorry, Paul.
  • 4. Star Trek - Series 1: This Side of Paradise (1967) (Part 2)

    Spore blimey - it's part 2 of Adam and Heather's chat about Star Trek series 1, and this time they're looking at This Side of Paradise. Spock gets the girl, Bones gets the tonsils and Kirk gets the hump. Please like, rate, review and share the podcast, otherwise you'll be condemned to a life of perfect health and blissful happiness. What a nightmare! retrotubepodcast@gmail.comTheme Music by Adam S. Leslie, aka Berlin Horse.James Baxter!
  • 3. Star Trek - season 1: Balance of Terror (1967) (Part 1)

    Q. What does this episode of RetroTube have in common with the 1998 Belgian Grand Prix?A. Start Wreck.Now I've got that off my chest, it's time for long-term non-Trekker Adam to be introduced to two episodes of Star Trek by Heather, the world's biggest Leonard McCoy fangirl, ho boy, and how, yes indeed. And you'll be pleased to know that a) at no point do they mention the words, "Beam me up, Scotty", and b), you won't hear a single note of *that song*. You know the one I mean. We're a classy podcast.This is part one of two - they got a little bit overexcited and talked for two and a half hours. Balance of Terror is discussed in this episode, This Side of Paradise in the next.So, wearing the purple uniform of the Starfleet podcasting division, Adam and Heather buckle up and knuckle down to some serious Trekkery. Will Adam enjoy his taste of Kirk and the gang, or will he not give a TOS?Please like, rate, review and share the podcast, otherwise it's the pink smoke for you. retrotubepodcast@gmail.comTheme Music by Adam S. Leslie, aka Berlin Horse.Note: in their discussion about female characters with feminine-sounding surnames (Ensign Martine, President Roslin), our RetroTube pals forgot about the most blindly obvious example of all - Star Trek's very own Captain Janeway. Boh.
  • BONUS: A Hard Day's Night - (1964) Part Two (Cardboard Cinema Club)

    Part two of Adam and Heather blethering on about A Hard Day's Night. What are they like, honestly!Please subscribe to Cardboard Cinema Club on your podcast platform of choice. retrotubepodcast@gmail.comTheme tune by Berlin Horse
  • BONUS: A Hard Day's Night - (1964) Part One (Cardboard Cinema Club)

    Heather and Adam have been holding out on you - only two Retrotube episodes so far this year, and the last one in April. What is the world coming to?To go some way towards atoning for this, and while we prepare our next proper RetroTube episode, here's Heather appearing as a guest on Adam's sibling podcast, Cardboard Cinema Club, talking about their favourite subject, the Beatles' 1964 film, A Hard Day's Night.It would be absolutely lovely if you would be so kind as to have a listen to some of the other episodes of Cardboard Cinema Club, and maybe even consider subscribing - there are some real corkers coming up... films from the 1930s all the way up to the present day.In the meantime, I hope you enjoy our unabashed, unashamed Beatle geek-out - and stay tuned (though not in any literal sense) for part two! retrotubepodcast@gmail.comTheme Music by Berlin Horse.