The Avengers - series 4 (1965)

Season 4, Ep. 2

Adam has always wanted to wear a bowler hat and Heather has always wanted to punch people... so what better opportunity than Series 4 of swanky spy series, The Avengers? It's British TV's most arch and knowing adventure show, and British TV's most medium theme tune - it's fine, it's sort of in the middle. Actually, I edited out the bit where we talk about it because we rambled on for two hours, and something has to get the chop, but that's the gist. But as TV theme tunes go, it certainly is one. No, it's good. Yeah, it's good, it's fine. I couldn't hum it, I always think of the Danger Man theme, which is the one from Mark and Lard. (Don't tell Heather I said this, she thinks it's the the bee's knees. Actually, she thinks it's the bees' knees, plural, that's how good she thinks it is.)

Anyway, it's The Avengers, and we don't mention a certain superhero property once, not even once - aren't you proud of us?

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Theme Music by Adam S. Leslie, that is also called Berlin Horse.

Warning: this podcast contains Bluebottle. You rotten swine you.

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