Star Trek - season 1: Balance of Terror (1967) (Part 1)

Season 4, Ep. 3

Q. What does this episode of RetroTube have in common with the 1998 Belgian Grand Prix?

A. Start Wreck.

Now I've got that off my chest, it's time for long-term non-Trekker Adam to be introduced to two episodes of Star Trek by Heather, the world's biggest Leonard McCoy fangirl, ho boy, and how, yes indeed. And you'll be pleased to know that a) at no point do they mention the words, "Beam me up, Scotty", and b), you won't hear a single note of *that song*. You know the one I mean. We're a classy podcast.

This is part one of two - they got a little bit overexcited and talked for two and a half hours. Balance of Terror is discussed in this episode, This Side of Paradise in the next.

So, wearing the purple uniform of the Starfleet podcasting division, Adam and Heather buckle up and knuckle down to some serious Trekkery. Will Adam enjoy his taste of Kirk and the gang, or will he not give a TOS?

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Theme Music by Adam S. Leslie, aka Berlin Horse.

Note: in their discussion about female characters with feminine-sounding surnames (Ensign Martine, President Roslin), our RetroTube pals forgot about the most blindly obvious example of all - Star Trek's very own Captain Janeway. Boh.

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