RETROTUBE OBSCURIOS: The Nightmare Man (1981) with Hannah Cooper

Season 1, Ep. 12

Raaarrrrr! It's time for another RetroTube Obscurios, and this week Adam is joined by Hannah Cooper (@MrsSimonTemplar) to discuss murky 1981 horror shenanigans, The Nightmare Man.

It's Robert Holmes! It's Douglas Camfield! It's Reg Hollis off The Bill! It's well-known Scottish actress, Celie Imrie! It's a lurking, shiny monster with red-tinted eyesight brutally picking off local residents one by one! Exactly the sort of thing to watch when you're six years old.

But will Hannah say "Yay!" or will she say "Crivvens, no! Help ma boab!"? Or will she let her cover slip and accidentally say, "Nyet, comrade" instead?

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