Doctor Who: The Web of Fear (1968) (part 3)

Season 3, Ep. 14

It's time for wispy fungus, railway tunnels, men in combat boots and really big cuddly Ewoks - The Web of Fear.

Three hours in, and Adam and Heather are nearing delirium... and they're not even doing it for charity. But never mind, there's light at the end of the tunnel, ho ho, as their Season 5 overview reaches its... well, the point at which they decide to stop, anyway. 'Climax' would probably be putting it too strongly.

Good news - there's no dastardly foreigners in this one; but there is a comedy Welshman. Sorry, Huw.

Speaking of which, Driver Evans says: well, boyo, it's like this isn't it, I'm not going to like, rate, review or share the podcast. You can like, rate, review and share the podcast if you want, boyo, but not me, I'm not crazy, like. No way, boyo.


Theme Music by Berlin Horse. Yet another remix. Some spanking new Arturia virtual instruments, and the full compliment of the wonderful Analogue Obsession compressors - what's a chap to do?

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