Batman - season 1 (1966)

Season 4, Ep. 1

Holy New Season of RetroTube! And it looks like The Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder will be up against their most fearsome foes yet. In her vivid blue cape and spangly blue mask, Everton Girl will confound the Dynamic Duo by being all Scouse and that, and having a working knowledge of the off-side rule, flanked as always by eleven henchmen with inexplicable hairstyles and even more inexplicable blue shorts. Meanwhile, The Fop is wearing his most fey floral shirt, and is holding Gotham City to ransom by threatening to play In Search of the Lost Chord by The Moody Blues on a dastardly loop, the scoundrel. Be it sight, sound, smell or touch, there is somethink inside we need so much...

It's Heather's turn to inflict her glossy 60s shows onto Adam, but will he have any tolerance at all for Batman's bright colours and frivolous plots, or will the whole thing leave him with a sugar rush and toothache? Find out in this week's exciting instalment of -


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Theme Music by Adam S. Leslie, what is also called Berlin Horse.

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