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The Restless Mind: Dealing with Anxiety, Fear, and Depression-Full Episode

Season 4

  Over the last three years the world, families and individuals have had to contend with a pandemic that has cost millions of lives. Yet, it's becoming evident that secondary casualties of the pandemic are the negative psychological impacts to men, women and children. In-fact many professionals believe that the psychological impacts of masks, lock-downs, separated relationships, missed school, and generated fear will produce the most victims for years to come.

   Today professionals like Greg Becker and others who work with people are seeing an explosion of people suffering with anxiety, fear and depression. Is this how life is suppose to be...NO! Is there hope...YES! Listen in as Steve, Luke, Hannah, and Ryan speak with Greg about the principles for life that God has provided for us.

   Greg speaks compassionately and professionally about the topic of anxiety, fear, and depression. He pulls back the curtain of our hearts and minds and offers a biblically sound pathway to freedom from this debilitating illness. If you or a loved one is suffering you don't want to miss this episode.

  Greg Becker is a biblically-based and clinically trained counselor with a warm, compassionate, and interactive style. He is experienced in counseling men and women as individuals or as couples. Greg approaches counseling through the lens of Scripture, in conjunction with current psychological standards and research. He currently serves as Director of Congregational Care & Counseling at his local church and internationally. Greg sees clients facing family of origin issues, anxiety, depression, loss & grief, compulsive behaviors, relational issues, career challenges, parenting, and shame.


   He also provides pre-engagement and premarital counseling. He is certified SYMBIS facilitator, which stands for Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts.

Greg’s approach incorporates aspects of Attachment Theory, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Client-Centered Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB).

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and God Made Man

Season 3
(Portion of Script) Hi, this is Steve and welcome back to another Episode of the New Press On. This called …and God Made Man     Recent statistics show that 70% of all suicides in this country are men. A disproportionate number of them are 55 years and older. When we look at the reasons or causes, we find that hopelessness, loneliness, and worthlessness are but a few of the reasons given. Yet the most concerning reason of all is that they have succumb to a lie generated from a society that has derogated men and even promoted their demise. In fact, if history serves as a testimony of what has already occurred, we are faced with a collapse of society because of the dismantling of a God ordained patriarchal order.The class of older men that once served as sages in the lives of younger men, are fading into nonexistence at the behest of those whose ideology is like a cancer. Traditionally, men who are in their sunset years, guided and helped younger generations navigate life, and leaving them immutable truths, are now in trouble.   It’s been observed that a large of these men are engaged in what is called, long term suicide. They've given up, they simply wait to die. The reasons are many but in short, they no longer feel they have a purpose or have long since forgotten what that purpose is. They have become disconnected from other men, or at least from the ones who still have the fire of God in their bellies, the ones who ask life giving questions, like are you ok and do you remember who you are? The men whose worn eyes still know the way.  There is but one hope, men start to throw off their case of cosmic amnesia and begin to remember who they are by returning to the God who formed them from the dirt of the earth.It's time for men to return to their patriarchal position as the first created, by first acknowledging their failure and dereliction to walk with the God who came looking for them in the garden. They must also understand that…Patriarchal rulership as created by God works in giving order to all things, except when it is outside of God commands and then, like everything else it becomes an axis of evil.    A society that works outside of this natural order is destined to fail because the next generation of male leaders, good husbands, great dads, and defenders of truth become societies walking courage-less lemmings.   Sadly, woke churches, who have fashioned themselves and their ideology after the world, has done little more than neutered the very purpose men were created. They do this by dismantling healthy Men’s groups within the church in exchange for the more fashionable community groups. Men need healthy male relationships whom they trust and exchange ideas with. A place where they need not face their struggles alone, a face that helps them remember who they are and whose they are.Today, our society is collapsing in front of our very eyes, it is no accident, it is intentional. By congruently deconstructing and then demonizing older men younger generations are easily targeted. In fact young men have always been the target of despots from throwing new born males into the Nile or like Herod ordering them to be slaughtered because of the fear of a real leader ending their godless reign.It begins by reaching out to the old soldiers and reminding them that if you are not dead you are not done.