Talking economic crime, politics and international affairs with a focus on Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Africa.

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  • 5. Reportercast September 2023 with Steve Middleton

    Steve Middleton is a financial adviser specialised in regulation and he has taken up the cause of Northern Irish business owners who accuse Ulster Bank (a subsidiary of NatWest group) of fraud, which the bank denies.

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  • 4. Reportercast August 2023 with Amazon's Abigail Bishop

    Abigail Bishop is Amazon's "Head of External Relations, Scams Prevention" and her job is to campaign to educate Amazon's customers about scams being run against them around the world. These scams are of multiple types and growing increasingly sophisticated, with Bishop citing low reporting rates as an additional issue. She also spoke about how Amazon investigates other types of fraud such as counterfeiting, and its collaboration with law enforcement in different countries.
  • 3. Reportercast July 2023 with Valeriya Melnichuk

    Ex-BBC reporter and ex-Ukrainian finance ministry official Valeriya Melnichuk, who currently advises the Ukrainian government on a campaign to exclude Russia from the global financial sector, talks to host Matei Rosca about her work, past projects, and plans.
  • 2. Reportercast June 2023: with ex-Israeli military intelligence officer Yair Samban

    In this special one-year anniversary edition of our website and podcast, we dive deep into terrorism financing with field expert Yair Samban, who is currently a specialist consultant at Pegasystems, an IT company, and a former officer with Israeli military intelligence, tasked with analysing money flows to detect potential terrorists. Samban also wrote a book on the subject with co-authors Alex Mintz and Tyson Chatagnier, available from all major stores. In the recording, he gives us his life story, including a tragic event which set him on the path of hunting terrorists, and explains what authorities and the industry could do better to detect money used by these organisations.
  • 1. Reportercast May 2023 with Philip Newall and Maira Andrade

    Investigative academics Philip Newall and Maira Andrade tell host Matei Rosca all about the intricacies of crypto gambling, a new type of gambling which has been found to pose risks both for consumers and the integrity of the financial system. They also discuss more broadly the latest regulations proposed by the UK government for gambling (not including crypto gambling) as well as their own background and plans for the future.
  • 8. Reportercast January 2023 with Dan Neidle

    A great honour to have Dan Neidle, tax expert and founder of the Tax Policy Associates think tank (, discussing the scandal around top Tory figure Nadhim Zahawi's tax affairs, which he made a major contribution to uncovering, as well as lawyerly shenanigans, libel threats and general views on how the UK should go about taxes. This was the last episode of the first season as Reportercast goes on a break to prepare for the future.
  • 7. Reportercast December 2022 with Garrett Ziegler

    The researcher behind the Hunter Biden allegations sits down on Zoom with host Matei Rosca to discuss the entire saga, the censorship allegations as well as the controversies surrounding his own side's political objectives and biases.