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  • Teaser: AI and the future of podcasting

    Fun and easy to listen to podcasts on AI in the field of podcasting. Beyond all the fuzz, will it really change the industry? And how exactly? Which parts of the production process will be impacted the most? And to start with: what is actually Artificial Intelligence?

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  • 6. The art of remakes in podcasting. With Henriette Høj Gharib - CEO and co-founder of Podster

    For the sixth episode of RePod, host Alexander Damiano Ricci talks to Henriette Høj Gharib, who is CEO and co-founder of Podster, a Danish podcast startup specialized in locating podcasts from all over the world, acquiring intellectual property rights for them, and then reproducing the content to other languages. Before launching Podster, Henriette had already successfully developed Fairytell, an intuitive and fun book app for children, filled with quality books for the age group 0-10 years. Fairytell was acquired by Podimo in June 2021 and became part of the Podimo offering including the Fairytell team. Henriette worked as Head of Kids and Content partnerships at Podimo, between April 2021 and September 2022. With her we discussed the business case for Podster and how the company operates. We also talked about the Danish podcast market, the different levels of "maturity" of other European podcast markets and what the future challenges of podcasting in Europe are.
  • 5. Behind "Accordion", the tool shortening podcasts without losing structure. With Andy Taylor - CEO and founder at Bwlb

    In this fifth podcast episode of RePod, host Alexander Damiano Ricci talks to Andy Taylor, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Bwlb. Bwlb is a Welsh company focused on producing innovation in content and products. Andy founded the company after two decades in audio and radio - he also worked for the BBC. But beyond all that, Andy is the inventor of Accordion. Accordion is a piece of tech that gives podcast listeners the control of the duration of content without losing structure. In this chat with Andy we explain what Accordion is, how it works, and what the upcoming innovations in the field of podcasting will be. Andy Taylor is also a speaker at 2023 The Podcast Show in London, which takes place on May 24-25.We implemented Accordion on this very podcast episode featuring Andy, so you can have a direct experience of what the Accordion is able to do. Check out Accordion applied to this RePod episode:
  • 4. The Dutch podcast market and what we get wrong about branded content. With Marvin Jacobs - Creative Director at Airborne

    In this fourth podcast episode of RePod, host Alexander Damiano Ricci talks to Marvin Jacobs, Creative Director and co-founder of Airborne, the award winning podcast agency specialised in branded podcast and based in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. In his role as Creative Director, Marvin develops podcasts and audio concepts for brands such as Albert Heijn, Randstad, ANWB (the Dutch national touring club) and many more. Most notably, Marvin was behind KLM Royal Dutch Airlines' podcast The Journey, which has become one of the international benchmarks for branded podcasts. Alexander and Marvin discuss what it takes to produce a great branded podcast, as well as the state of development of the podcast market in the Netherlands. Also in this podcast: an overview of the key players in the Dutch podcast market.Resources:Airborne's website. The Journey, a podcast produced by Marvin Jacobs for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.
  • 3. Does environmental context impact podcast-listening experiences? With Jay Harrison - PHD AudioLab at the University of York

    In this third podcast episode of Repod, host Alexander Damiano Ricci talks to Jay Harrison, PHD at AudioLab - University of York, in the UK. Jay's PHD is developed in partnership with BBC R&D & XR Stories. Jay's current research explores the relationship between environmental context and engagement in mobile speech-based audio listening experiences using headphones. Along the chat Alexander and Jay explore the role of academic research in podcasting and what we can expect from the near future in terms of innovations.Resources:Jay Harrison's research paper "The relationship between environmental context and attentional engagement in podcast listening experiences".Jay Harrison's website.Jay Harrison on LinkedIn.
  • 2. Podcast-reach measurement in Europe. With Dávid Tvrdoň - Podcast Subscription Growth Specialist at Denník SME

    In this second podcast episode of Repod, host Alexander Damiano Ricci talks to Dávid Tvrdoň, subscription growth and retention specialist for podcasts and newsletters at Petit Press, the publisher for the leading Slovakian media Dennik SME. Alexander and Dávid discuss how we measure podcast reach across Europe and why it matters, the effectiveness of subscription models (vs advertising) in podcasting and the state of the art of the Slovakian podcast market.Resources: Dávid's digital prodction consultancy:ávid's newsletter on Substack: For What It's Worth, or FWIW.Dávid on Twitter.
  • 1. Podcasting in Europe at a glance. With Joanna Aveillan - International Expansion Director at Acast

    In this very first podcast episode of Repod, host Alexander Damiano Ricci talks to Joanna Aveillan, international expansion director at Acast. Acast is a Swedish founded company that provides hosting, monetization and growth support to podcasts. What does the European podcast market look like compared to the US? And how do European national podcast markets differ one from each other? What are the challenges ahead for the European podcast industry?