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63. How to be who we truly are in relationship?

Ep. 63

In this episode, I talk to my beautiful, soulful friend Kris Franken.

So many people ask me how they can find themselves, be true to themselves and still be in relationship. It can be tricky to navigate. We fear that if we change and become more true to ourselves that we will lose our partner. We fear that authenticity and integrity means loss of connection. Well, today I called in Kris to talk to us about this because Kris, in my opinion is the epitomy of being true to herself, of being wildly, truly authentic, and she manages all this within her 20+year relationship.

Kris shared her integrity and authenticiy with me on the Beauty Load podcast where we talk about our own true beauty.

Here is the link:

About Kris

My guest on this episode is my friend, author, mentor, healer and way shower, Kris Franken.

Kris is a spiritual teacher who has a background in psychology as well as in the magazine publishing world and is the author of 2 books and creator of multiple oracle card sets. One of the reasons that I really wanted to share her with you and get her wisdom into the Beauty Load is that Kris is having a deep love affair with mother earth – her take on beauty comes from a place of being deeply deeply connected in the experience of living in her body as a spiritual being in amongst nature and the miracle of life.

Where to find Kris

Check Kris out on Instagram @kris_franken

Kris has her second book,Wild hearted purpose which is out now.

All details are at: 

And here is her website:

About Nicole

Nicole Mathieson has impacted the lives of thousands of women through her writing,

speaking, podcasts and work as a counsellor.

In the therapy room, Nicole helps Individuals and couples to find a deeper and more stable connection to themselves as a foundation for their relationship with life and each other. Nicole is passionate about helping people in practical ways to feel safe and more conencted within their relationships.


Instagram @nicole.mathieson

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