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The Intersection of Chinese and Western Medicine with Dr. Reuben Chen

Ep. 139

In the midst of a global pandemic, it could be argued that now, more than ever, health is one of the most important things on the forefront of people’s minds. What does it mean to be healthy? Do all healthy lifestyles look the same? If not, how do we go about figuring out what works best for us?

In today’s episode, we speak with physical medicine and rehab physician, Dr. Reuben Chen, about what health means to him and what he thinks living a healthy lifestyle looks like. As someone who specializes in pain management, as well as sports and Chinese medicine, Dr. Chen offers a unique perspective on Western medicine vs Chinese medicine, and how different cultures approach certain topics pertaining to health. 

Dr. Chen walks us through what drew him to physical medicine and rehab, the ways in which he evaluates and treats patients, and some of the things he believes contribute to us living healthier, happier, and longer lives.

Tune in to Episode 139 to hear Dr. Reuben Chen impart some valuable health advice!

Some Questions I Ask:

If somebody comes to see you, what are the possible things that you might do once you've evaluated them? (13:26)

Whether we're talking Sunrider or any other good supplements, does the average person need them? (19:38)

Are there any among the 100, or a couple 100, popular diets that comes close to meeting your objectives for what a healthy diet is? (22:55)

For those parents who are listening who have younger children, from a lifestyle management standpoint, what can they do to help their kids reduce the chances of having to see somebody like you too frequently? (27:10)

Who is the type of patient who should go directly to you? (29:46)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

The differences between Western and Chinese medicine (2:57)

What Dr. Chen’s approach to treating patients looks like (7:00)

What inspired Dr. Chen to pursue physical medicine at rehab (9:57)

The difference between quality-of-life medicine and quantity-of-life medicine (12:18)

About Sunrider, Dr. Chen’s family-owned business, and the products they offer (17:19)

About Japan’s alternative to Western medicine’s food pyramid (20:58)

What Dr. Reuben recommends physicians pay attention to during annual visits and check-ups (24:47)

Why Dr. Reuben recommends yoga as an important means to combat aging and enhance physical well-being (26:32)

Why high-fat diets are important for children (28:12)



Sunrider’s website

Dr. Reuben Chen’s podcast: Vital Signs

Dr. Reuben Chen’s clinic: Health Atlast 

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