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Starting Today To Create A Carefree Retirement Plan with Murs Tariq

Ep. 127

Life keeps us so busy that we barely have time to worry or think about our retirement. But, as it is inevitable, start thinking about it is probably a good idea. To our guest, Murs Tariq, the sooner we start thinking about a retirement plan, the better, but it is never too late to come up with one. 

From a financial standpoint, Murs believes that having an exciting and comfortable retirement is not about how much money we earn during our active life. It is about how much money we saved and what our habits are when it comes to spending. 

Murs Tariq is a Certified Financial Planner, Author, Podcast Host, and Partner of Peace of Mind Wealth Management. He is a first-generation American; Murs and his family came from Pakistan to live the American dream. Throughout his upbringing, the family experienced some tough moments, where there was a lot of thought on every dollar spent. Eventually, Murs' family behavior around money paid its dividends in the long term, and he had a very comfortable childhood. Still, that part of his life would influence his relationship with money and set his career path. 

In this episode, our conversation revolves around the importance of having a well-thought retirement plan. Murs shared details of his childhood and why he decided to work with retirement plans being so young. He also described the differences between the two types of Certified Financial Planners, the kind of work they do at Peace of Mind, and their ideal clients. We also talk about how we can deal with the things we can't anticipate, what type of retirement plan he advises for those who will keep working after retirement age, and more. 

Some Questions I Ask:

What is a Certified Financial Planner, and what do you bring to the table to help people secure their retirement? (3:26)

When should a person start thinking about what they're doing with their money? Perhaps seeking help from a finances specialist (12:08)

I know several other professionals who enjoy what they do, and they're keeping on working. Does that mean they can save less than somebody planning on retiring? (21:35)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Murs talks about the two types of Certified Financial Planners and what they offer to the client (7:48)

About why Murs decided to go through the Financial Planning path (9:27)

Although never is too late, the sooner we create a financial retirement plan, the better (11:13)

What are the pitfalls all of us should avoid when thinking of our retirement plan (23:57)


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