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How to Shake Our Fears Out and Accomplish Our Dreams with Scott Harris

Ep. 112

As we already know, we can be our greatest cheerleaders or the ones who stop us from achieving our goals. Sometimes, we get stuck in the what-ifs, overthinking or second-guessing ourselves, and we get paralyzed. Our guest, Scott K. Harris, believes most people do that because of the fear to fail, which is, according to him, the mother of all fears. Still, he is convinced there is a breaking point, a moment when we draw a line in the sand, and we are done dealing with that paralyzing fear, and that is what he shares with us today.

Scott is a well-known Parachutist, Veteran, Businessman, Motivational Speaker, and Podcast Host of the Embrace Challenge podcast. Scott enlisted in the army to escape from College; at the time, he thought he wasn't smart enough for it since he would "waste" his free time reading novels. Scott made one of the most significant self-discoveries in the army: he desperately needed to face new challenges.

In this episode, we had an inspirational conversation about overcoming the fear of failure, how to be in constant evolution, and the importance of challenging ourselves to be better every day. Scott shared bits of his past and the challenges he overcame to get to this point in his life. We also talked about Scott's fantastic story falling from the sky directly into Liz Taylor's wedding at Michael Jackson's Neverland estate, the repercussion in the media, and the jail time he had to do because of it.

Tune in to Episode 112 of Rejuvenaging, to meet this amazing man who learned to lower the volume of the voices that tried to stop him from fulfilling his dreams.

Some Questions I Ask:

Can you tell us a bit about how you got to be Scott Harris? (3:17)

You parachuted into Liz Taylor's wedding at Michael Jackson's Neverland estate. How did that come about? (8:13)

What advice do you have for listeners dealing with the aging process to overcome their fears? (20:01)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

The moment Scott learned he needed to constantly challenge himself to survive (4:09)

About everyone's biggest fear and how to overcome it (12:23)

How to stop the inner detractor from destroying our plans (17:38)

The importance of learning every day something new, even after retirement (22:26)


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Book: Rejuvenaging: The Art and Science of Growing Older with Enthusiasm


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