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Getting Motivated to Live a Healthy Lifestyle with Kathleen Trotter

Ep. 118

There is a common belief that only motivated people can exercise frequently and have a balanced diet. The truth is, motivation alone is not enough. People feel motivated, and motivation, just as any feeling, fluctuates; the urge to stay under cozy blankets instead of running 8 miles is something motivated people feel very often. But then, if not motivation, are there any tools we can use to keep our health and fitness on track? Our guest, Kathleen Trotter, found some very effective ones, and she shared them with us today. 

Kathleen Trotter is a Personal Trainer, MSc in Exercise Science, CSNN Nutritionist, and Author of "Finding Your Fit." Daughter of two very active parents, Kathleen learned that movement and being active was non-negotiable; the only thing that was up to her was how she chose to remain active. She went through the running path; she ran 9 marathons, countless half-marathons; she also participated in 4 half-ironman and 1 ironman (ironwoman). 

In this episode, we delve into some of Kathleen's secrets to remain active, the right approach to turn physical activity and movement into an enjoyable experience, and the options we have when our workout motivation is low. We also dive deep into Kathleen's journey of becoming who she is today and the challenges she faced before embracing fitness and a healthy lifestyle. We talk about the importance of focusing on what we can control, progressive adaptation to exercise, and much more. 

Tune in to Episode 118 and start the year with an easy-to-adopt approach to health and fitness. 

Some Questions I Ask:

What can we do when we have those days where we need to get motivated to go out and exercise? (11:12)

What happened in your life that at some point, you said, hey, this isn't the way that I want to live my life that I do want to become more fit? (15:14)

Can you give us some advice to those of us who are still carrying around a little bit of that extra weight "COVID weight"? (33:22)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Just start and do whatever. Doing little feels way better than doing nothing (6:02)

It is not about motivation; it is about thinking about exercising as a part of something (12:01)

Being active is non-negotiable (16:04)

Find something you don't hate. That will make exercising easier (24:05)

The importance of focusing on what we can control (35:34)


Kathleen Trotter website

Book: Kathleen Trotter - Finding Your Fit

Book: James Clear - Atomic Habits

Yoga With Adriene - YouTube channel

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