Rejuvenaging with Dr. Ron Kaiser


Dr. Jackie: Couples Daring to Live Well with Illness

Ep. 27

Are you or your partner living with life-threatening or chronic illness?

Our intellectual pursuits, our IQ, the success that we have in business or a successful long-lasting marriage can never prepare us for the traumatic experiences that we have. The diagnosis of an illness is always a shock, and we need the full support of our significant other.

The first thing that happens when somebody gets such news, is that the relationship becomes transactional and logistical – what doctors are you going to see, getting appointments, scheduling procedures or surgeries, focusing on treatment, etc. Therefore, the couples are so focused outside of themselves, and they miss the connection between them.

In today’s episode, I discuss with Dr. Jackie the ways you can reconnect with your spouse or partner so that you can make the experience a lot easier to endure.

Dr. Jackie Black is a Marriage Expert, Educator, and Board-Certified Coach, serving couples throughout the world that are facing life-threatening and chronic illness. She was named by Cosmo as one of their most beloved International Love Guru. Her experience on this subject is not only theoretical, but practical also, because she’s experienced hands-on having a husband fighting with and dying of cancer.

So, listen to Episode 27 of Rejuvenaging, to learn how to create the framework and the structure to restore having heart-centered conversations with the person you love.

Questions I ask:

  • What does your work week look like? (02:14)
  • How did you arrive at this as a specialty? (04:35)
  • Is there any way that people can prepare themselves? (12:31)
  • How do you determine success in working with the couples that need your services? (16:42)
  • What age range are the couples you work with? (25:05)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The difference between being a therapist and being a coach. (07:44)
  • How Dr. Jackie works with couples that have to deal with life-threatening, terminal illnesses. (09:30)
  • The importance of having a support network. (18:04)
  • The prognostic indicators of who’s going to be more or less successful with Dr. Jackie’s approach. (22:41)
  • About the 3-Day Retreat Dr. Jackie is regularly organizing. (27:53)

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Sometimes we need a gentle reminder of how we would like to step forward into the day. Doing daily practices that remind us life is a gift and we should live it to our fullest help us realize the importance that we can hold in the world.Practicing gratitude and acting in ways that make others grateful for us, living with joy, understanding change, affirmation of inner knowing, and mindful responsibility are some of Denise Zavitson’s daily principles of living.In today’s episode, my guest, Denise, shares the practices that will inspire us and make us realize that everything we do touches someone else. Denise is dedicated to helping others create a life filled with joy. She has found purpose and fulfillment by helping others via her book, online courses, retreats, and speaking engagements.As an author, speaker, champion of change, and empowerment coach, Denise has used her experience gained from a series of personal tragedy and loss, and has made herself grow from that and develop seven affirmations of living that help her, and those she has shared them with, follow their purpose. Her novella, The Mindful Garden, draws on her vast and varied experiences along her journey filtered through a healthy blend of Christian, New Thought, and Buddhist teachings. Denise lives her life fully and believes that the only legacy that exists, is that of the difference you have made in someone’s life.Tune in and listen to Episode 54 of Rejuvenaging, to find out the practices that will help you follow your purpose in life and achieve greater heights.Some questions I ask:What do you think has made you so resilient? (06:47)Can you tell us a little bit about the seven affirmations? (08:20)Is there a proper way to do these seven affirmations? (10:02)What concrete things can people get from you? (20:42)In this episode, you will learn:How today’s guest, Denise, spends her day (03:49)Denise’s journey towards wisdom (05:03)When it’s the time to consider seeking out somebody like Denise. (15:55)Denise’s advice for people in the older age range. (17:24)Connect with Denise:WebsiteInstagramLinkedInUseful Rejuvenaging Resources:Website: Dr. Ron Kaiser - Rejuvenaging: The Art and Science of Growing Older with EnthusiasmEmail: ron.kaiser@thementalhealthgym.comTEDx Talk: Aging Enthusiastically to Make the World a Better Place

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Managing your Expectations to Become Extraordinary

Ep. 52
Every single moment of our life, every decision and choice starts and ends with an expectation. How you react to these expectations shapes your life’s journey and learning how to manage them and consciously choosing to do that with positivity goes a long way in creating happiness within you.Once you realize that happiness is not something material you can attain, but something that lives inside of you, you will learn to live how you want and will increase the odds of things going right for yourself.As someone who lives by this and whose positivity has allowed him to overcome anything, I am beyond excited to present to you today’s guest, Art Costello. As a writer, life coach, mental health counselor, entrepreneur, and expectation therapy visionary, Art offers his knowledge and wisdom in hopes of helping others thrive and live the freer, more productive life they have dreamed of.Art is devoted to helping others, including families and businesses, by identifying what is preventing each individual or group from reaching their full potential. Guided by the strength and joy his family brings him, and having lived some very traumatic and draining experiences throughout his life, Art shapes and creates his advice based on his experiences and the things that move him. He created a program - called Expectation Therapy - that powerfully teaches you how to dispose of your limitations, that teaches how to manage your self-expectations and transform how you process, communicate, and perceive your goals.Listen to Episode 52 of Rejuvenaging, to learn more about expectation therapy and Art’s journey through life. Some questions I ask:What exactly is expectation therapy? (03:56)I know you've recently had a successful back surgery. Did you use your theories, your thinking process to help you with the recovery? (15:00)If somebody is in the position of having to start over, especially if they had nothing to do with why they're in this position, what should their expectations be of themselves? And what are some of the behaviors they could be doing? (27:00)When should people consider reaching you out for help? (30:45)In this episode, you will learn:The role mindset plays in changing your expectations. (12:26)How Art’s journey helped him develop the theory of positive expectation (19:26)What being in the Marine taught Art. (22:04)Art’s three core expectations. (26:30)The tools Art offers so you can begin the journey of managing your expectations. (32:14)Connect with Art:WebsiteFacebookLinkedInTwitterInstagramUseful Rejuvenaging Resources:Website: Dr. Ron Kaiser - Rejuvenaging: The Art and Science of Growing Older with EnthusiasmEmail: ron.kaiser@thementalhealthgym.comTEDx Talk: Aging Enthusiastically to Make the World a Better Place