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Choosing a Better Life with Dr. Timothy Yen

Ep. 95

Having dinner with a friend - the CEO of a tech company in Taiwan - Dr. Yen asked her how he could add value and help her team evolve. She replied that assisting them to become better at their decision-making process would add tons of value. As he was working on it, Dr. Yen realized that making better choices wasn't an exclusive problem of tech companies but a human race issue. That was the beginning of a journey that led him to create a framework and write a book about making better choices. 

Dr. Timothy Yen is a Psychologist, Life Coach, Author, and Public Speaker. He is also the owner of Timothy Yen, Psy.D. - a professional Psychology Corp dedicated to private practice and coaching.

With his book, Choose Better, Timothy helps people make better-informed decisions, helping them make choices after due diligence, decreasing the chances of regretting some decisions. 

In this episode, we talk about Dr. Yen's unique journey into mental health, the origin of bad decisions, and why they are so common among all of us. He also explained the four pillars of his framework to make better choices and help us in our decision-making process. We also talked about feeling regretful of our past decisions, the importance of acknowledging emotions, and adding emotional language to our children. 

Tune in to Episode 95 of Rejuvenaging, and find out why Dr. Timothy Yen states that we can learn to make good choices.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Why do people make so many wrong decisions? (3:49)
  • Tell us a bit of the framework that you've developed (7:11)
  • Is there an ideal place to start to try and be in touch with our feelings? (14:05)
  • If somebody is stuck with regrets about a decision they made that they can't take back, what do you have to say to them? (20:37)
  • How did you happen to get into this line of work? (25:31)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • One of the biggest reasons why people make bad choices (4:13)
  • What can we do to improve our decision-making process (6:48)
  • The role of courage and regret in how we make choices (11:54)
  • Some advice for parents to help their children make better decisions (15:27)
  • How bad decisions can help us evolve and make better choices in the future (24:21)


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Cybersecurity. Dealing with the Invisible Threat with Amir Tarighat

Ep. 104
Although almost all of us have already heard of cybersecurity, the reality is that we know little about it. Most people associate it with software or countermeasures like antiviruses, when in fact, cybersecurity is about planning, risk management, secure code writing, and a whole bunch of different things done by people, not software.As the world leans into the digital space to deal with every aspect of human life, it creates a fertile ground for crime. To make matters worse, targeting individuals is easier, cheaper, and more profitable for cybercriminals than attacking big corporations. To talk about all this, and to clear other hundreds of doubts, is Amir Tarighat, our today's guest.Amir Tarighat is the Founder and CEO of Achilleon and Host of the Achilleon Live podcast. He has a Bachelor's degree from Harvard University and an Advanced Computer Security Certificate from Stanford University.In this episode, Amir clears all our doubts about cybersecurity and cyber danger. He demystifies many other misconceived beliefs about antiviruses, cell phone security, and virtually all types of cybercrimes. We talk about what it means when a company that holds our data has a breach and how that could affect us. Amir also spoke about the right way to dispose of our cell phones, what we should do when we change our number, and much more.Tune in to Episode 104 of Rejuvenaging, and have a deeper, more comprehensive look at what cybersecurity is really about and what we can do to be safe.Some Questions I Ask:Tell us what do we actually mean by the term cybersecurity? (3:38)Can you tell us a bit about cell phone security? (7:47)What can I do to feel relatively secure with my personal and professional data? (16:03)Is there a specific type of warnings that you give to older folks who are specifically vulnerable to cyber-attacks? (22:45)In This Episode, You Will Learn:The origins of cybersecurity (5:09)The real danger with cell phones (8:33)What happens when a company that holds our information is breached (12:12)What is an antivirus, how it works, and why antiviruses are not always the best choice (19:15)Resources:Achilleion websiteAchilleion Live podcastConnect with Amir:LinkedInTwitterUseful Rejuvenaging Resources:Website: Dr. Ron Kaiser -Rejuvenaging: The Art and Science of Growing Older with EnthusiasmEmail: ron.kaiser@thementalhealthgym.comTEDx Talk: Aging Enthusiastically to Make the World a Better Place

A Tactical Approach To Fitness and Wellness with Dr. Mike Simpson

Ep. 103
The type of fitness and wellness goals we can aspire to rely mainly on an element frequently overlooked: age. In our 20s, we can wing things, decide out of the blue to start training for a triathlon, and we will most likely get away with it. But after a certain age, we need a plan; we must let the wisdom of age set the pace. For people over forty, physical and mental wellness is about longevity, and that race, as Dr. Mike Simpson states, is a marathon, not a sprint.Joining me today is the admirable Dr. Mike Simpson. Mike served over 3 decades in the military, where he was deployed to 17 different countries, participating in counter-narcotics operations in the jungles of South America, to the Global War on Terror (GWOT) in Southwest Asia and North Africa. He is a Tactical Physician at San Angelo Police Department, Investigator at Karga Seven Pictures, Medical Director at PerSys Medical, Author, Podcast Host, and former Airborne Ranger and Special Forces Operator.In this episode, Mike offers his unique perspective on fitness and wellness. We explore why most injuries occur after a certain age, the concept of being a warrior athlete, and the conflict between fitness goals and the instant gratification culture. Mike also debunks two of the most heard excuses about why we can't stay fit - lack of time or lack of money. In addition, we go through Mike's decision of pivoting into medicine, and he explains why he decided to become a deployed overseas physician.Tune in to Episode 103 of Rejuvenaging, and get into the right mindset to start taking care of your future self's health today.Some Questions I Ask:Can you tell us a bit of your journey to get to be who you are today? (4:17)From a practical standpoint, a warrior athlete is someone different than the rest of us? (5:56)If somebody wants to be a warrior athlete, what's the commitment that's required? And what's that going to mean in terms of lifestyle? (13:34)What things should you be doing to reduce the odds of dealing with injuries? (18:36)In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Dr. Mike's journey from military to a physician (4:28)What it means to be a warrior athlete (6:44)The two biggest excuses people make for not being fit (10:46)Dr. Mike's path into medicine (16:13)How parents can inspire and instill a healthy lifestyle in their children (23:55)Resources:Dr. Mike Simpson websiteGrey Beard Performance websiteGrey Beard Performance InstagramBook: Mike Simpson - Honed: Finding Your Edge as a Man Over 40Mind of The Warrior podcastConnect with Dr. Mike:LinkedInInstagramUseful Rejuvenaging Resources:Website: Dr. Ron Kaiser -Rejuvenaging: The Art and Science of Growing Older with EnthusiasmEmail: ron.kaiser@thementalhealthgym.comTEDx Talk: Aging Enthusiastically to Make the World a Better Place