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Ep. 152

There are several types of habits and they each influence our life differently. There are those that impact us negatively in some way, shape, or form, habits that are inconvenient, or habits that are beneficial. While it is never easy to change them, it is always worth it if it means we will live a healthier, happier life. If you’re looking to break any of the habits that you currently have and build new ones to replace them, this episode is for you. 

In this solo episode, I am talking about breaking and building habits. I share the two ways to break a habit, why commitment is so important when it comes to creating a new one, and why it’s necessary to be easy on yourself throughout the process. 

Tune in to Episode 152 of REJUVENAGING® and learn how you can change your habits to change your life!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The different types of habits we can have (2:15)
  • Two ways that you can break a habit (4:13)
  • How commitment impacts our habits (8:47)
  • To make it easy on yourself to implement new habits (10:54)

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  • Deborah Kasdan, author of "Roll Back the World: A Sister's Memoir"

    In this poignant episode, we delve into the intricacies of mental illness through the eyes of Deborah Kasdan, whose life was profoundly impacted by her sister Rachel's battle with schizophrenia. Deborah's memoir, "Roll Back the World," serves as a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring bond between siblings.Deborah recounts her childhood growing up alongside Rachel, painting a vivid picture of a family grappling with the challenges of mental illness. She candidly shares the emotional toll that Rachel's condition took on their family, highlighting the struggles and triumphs they faced together.With an intimate and compassionate voice, Deborah guides us through the labyrinth of mental illness, shedding light on the stigma, misconceptions, and societal shortcomings that often accompany these conditions. She emphasizes the importance of understanding and empathy, advocating for a more humane approach to mental healthcare.Deborah's story is not just a tale of coping with mental illness; it is a celebration of love, resilience, and the power of human connection. Her unwavering dedication to her sister Rachel serves as an inspiration to all who have been touched by the complexities of mental health.Key takeaways:The profound impact of mental illness on individuals and their familiesThe importance of understanding and empathy in addressing mental health challengesThe resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversityThe power of love and family in overcoming obstaclesUse these links to connect with Deborah http://deborahkasdan.com info on Dr. Ron
  • A Journey to Health and Ageless Living with Deepak Saini

    The podcast features an interview with Deepak Saini, founder of Deepak Saini Health, focused on reversing the effects of aging. Deepak, coming from a corporate background, shares his journey of overcoming health challenges, including obesity, autoimmune disorders, and a back injury. He discusses his transformation, transitioning from a CPA to a health coach, driven by personal experiences and a passion for helping others.The conversation explores the ongoing struggle with food relationships, even after significant weight loss. Deepak candidly shares his challenges and the importance of mindset and purpose in making healthier choices. The discussion touches on the difficulty of breaking ingrained habits and the need for intentional living.Deepak emphasizes the importance of small habit changes, making it more sustainable for long-term health. Sleep is highlighted as a crucial factor in overall well-being, with nutrition also playing a significant role in reducing inflammation. He delves into his coaching programs, offering both group coaching and one-on-one sessions, addressing various aspects of health and aging.Deepak discusses his upcoming, “Reverse the Effects of Aging Summit,” which will take place online on December 8-10.  It will feature more than 30 speakers, including Dr. Ron, presenting various perspectives and strategies for growing older in an active and healthy manner.In response to the question of changing habits later in life, Deepak stresses the value of purpose and mindset, emphasizing that it's never too late to make positive lifestyle changes. He shares personal anecdotes and strategies to help individuals navigate their health journey, regardless of age, and encourages listeners to focus on purpose and intentionality in pursuing a healthier and more fulfilling life.More info Deepak:Website: https://deepaksainihealth.com info on Dr. Ron

    ACTIVATE YOUR HEROIC POTENTIAL WITH BRIAN JOHNSONBrian Johnson is an entrepreneur and philosopher who has created a social training platform called Heroic. Heroic is a public benefit corporation that helps people move from theory to practice to mastery. It has been scientifically proven to be effective in improving people's well-being, energy, connection, productivity, and purpose.In this podcast episode, Brian talks about his journey from a blue-collar upbringing to becoming a successful entrepreneur and philosopher. He discusses the importance of ancient wisdom, modern science, and practical tools in helping people live a good life. He also talks about his newly published book, ARETE, which draws upon wisdom through the ages to guide readers to activate their Heroic potential.One of the key takeaways from this episode is that we can all improve our lives by making small, consistent changes. Brian suggests starting with one or two things that you want to change, and then slowly adding more. He also emphasizes the importance of community in supporting our goals.If you're interested in learning more about Brian Johnson, Heroic, or ARETE, please visit his website at with Brian at: info on Dr. Ron
  • 205. Living with Alzheimer's: Rebecca Chopp's Inspiring Journey

    In this podcast episode, Dr. Ron Kaiser welcomes Dr. Rebecca Chopp, a distinguished academic leader and author who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Rebecca shares her unique and inspiring journey of living with Alzheimer's and how she's refused to surrender to the disease. Her story is a testament to the power of attitude, lifestyle interventions, and resilience in the face of a challenging diagnosis.Rebecca earned her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and had a successful career, including serving as the president of Colgate University and Swarthmore College. In 2019, she was the Chancellor of the University of Denver when she received the devastating diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. Her first neurologist had outdated knowledge about the disease and painted a bleak picture of her future, but Rebecca's life took a different turn after getting a second opinion from a more positive neurologist..Refusing to Surrender:Rebecca discusses her initial struggles with the diagnosis and the stigma associated with Alzheimer's. Many people hesitate to seek diagnosis due to the fear and misconceptions about the disease. However, she emphasizes the importance of getting an early diagnosis and maintaining a positive attitude.Rebecca outlines key components of her lifestyle changes to delay the progress of her Alzheimer's symptoms. These include diet, exercise, sleep, and creativity. She follows a Mediterranean-style diet, prioritizes sleep, and incorporates exercise into her daily routine. Creativity, whether through painting, music, or gardening, has been a vital aspect of her journey.Recognizing Alzheimer's Symptoms:Rebecca shares how Alzheimer's has affected her daily life, particularly her short-term memory and time management skills. She also discusses the gradual loss of her ability to drive, highlighting that Alzheimer's symptoms vary among individuals.Rebecca's Career and Life Before Alzheimer's:Rebecca's journey to becoming an academic leader, from her modest upbringing to her academic pursuits in theology and administration, is highlighted. She reflects on the joy she found in her career and her interest in spirituality.Rebecca's upcoming book, "STILL ME: Accepting Alzheimer's Without Losing Yourself," is discussed. The book provides insights into her diagnosis, living well with Alzheimer's, the science behind the disease, and practical tips for those facing a similar journey. All proceeds from the book will go toward further Alzheimer's research.Rebecca encourages individuals to seek a second opinion if they receive an Alzheimer's diagnosis. She recommends valuable resources such as the Alzheimer's Association and Us Against Dementia for information, guidance, and support.Rebecca's story serves as an inspiration to those facing Alzheimer's and their families. Her message is clear: refuse to surrender, embrace a healthy lifestyle, and find joy in the journey. Her book and website are valuable resources for those seeking guidance and information about living with Alzheimer'shttps://www.rebeccachoppenterprise.com
  • "From Filmmaker to World Sailor: Rob Dubin's Journey to Happiness

    In this podcast episode of "REJUVENAGING with Dr. Ron Kaiser," the host welcomes Rob Dubin, a happiness expert, keynote speaker, author, and corporate trainer. Rob's journey is fascinating, as he transitioned from being an award-winning filmmaker with his own company to embarking on a 17-year sailing adventure around the world after a near-death survival experience made international news. Rob's passion for studying human happiness and fulfillment led him to explore and observe people's well-being in over 100 countries. He shares insights on how pursuing one's dreams, overcoming fear, and stepping out of one's comfort zone can lead to a more fulfilling life. Rob's unique perspective on happiness provides valuable lessons for individuals and corporations seeking to improve well-being and engagement.During the podcast, Rob also discusses how his unconventional journey into happiness research allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of what truly matters in life. He emphasizes the importance of facing one's fears and pursuing what excites them, as this is where personal growth and memorable experiences lie. Rob's TEDx talk, which has garnered over a quarter-million views, presents a practical strategy for overcoming fear and achieving one's goals. His message inspires listeners to embrace the unknown, whether it's sailing around the world or embarking on their own unique adventures, and to find happiness in the journey itself rather than just the destination.Connect Rob: https://www.robdubin.com info on Dr. Kaiser
  • 203. The Role of Being a Caregiver with Dr. Ron Kaiser

    In this solo episode of the "REJUVENAGING with Dr. Ron Kaiser" podcast, Dr. Ron steps away from his usual format of interviewing guests and delves into a personal and important topic: the role of being a caregiver. He opens up about his experience caring for his wife who has been battling cancer, highlighting the challenges and insights that come with it.He discusses the importance of mindset in caregiving, emphasizing the need to recognize it as an emotional struggle as well as a physical one and seeking help accordingly. Dr. Ron touches upon various types of support, including psychological, spiritual, and practical help, and the significance of building a support system.The podcast episode also explores how caregiving affects other life obligations, such as work, family, and personal responsibilities. He emphasizes the importance of self-care for caregivers and the need to prioritize sleep, exercise, nutrition, and hydration. He encourages caregivers to find time for distractions and maintain social connections.Dr. Ron concludes by discussing the value of positivity in caregiving, striving to create a positive and enjoyable experience for both the caregiver and the person receiving care. He acknowledges that while this episode isn't exhaustive, he hopes it sparks a dialogue on the topic of caregiving and is helpful to individuals as they navigate this challenging role.More info on Dr.Ron
  • 202. Warrior Path to Healing: A Conversation with David Nathanson, Former Marine and Executive Director of Eagle Oak Retreat

    This week’s podcast features an interview with David Nathanson. David is a former enlisted Marine and officer, served in various command roles throughout his 30-year career in the Marine Corps. Despite being twice nominated for general officer promotions, political reasons led to his sudden retirement, leaving him grappling with the loss of purpose, identity, and mission. Now, as the Executive Director of Eagle Oak Retreat, a Texas-based nonprofit, David is focused on providing combat veterans and first responders with the skills needed to overcome posttraumatic stress and lead fulfilling lives.Eagle Oak Retreat offers a program called Warrior Path, a peer-led initiative designed to help trauma survivors rediscover their identity and purpose beyond their military or first responder experiences. The program emphasizes reconciliation of past trauma, identification of triggers for post-traumatic stress, and training individuals to respond positively to stressors. Meditation, reflection, journaling, and metaphorical exercises play significant roles in the program. David emphasizes the unique nature of trauma experienced by veterans and first responders, making peer-led programs particularly effective.The podcast delves into the importance of the Warrior Path program, encouraging veterans and first responders suffering from trauma to explore the available resources for healing. The focus is on helping individuals reconnect with their pre-trauma selves, regain enthusiasm for life, and move forward positively. The conversation underscores the critical role of peer support in the healing process. Many principles that are discussed can also apply to civilians who have experienced other types of stressors.Check out Davidhttps://www.eagleoakretreat.org info on Dr.Ron
  • 201. Being Bold, Not Old: Redefining Aging and Entrepreneurship

    This podcast episode features Dr. Ron Kaiser interviewing Wallis Pattison, the founder of Bold Not Old. The episode revolves around the theme of aging, entrepreneurship, and challenging traditional notions of retirement.Wallis Pattison, described as a rebel and entrepreneur, shares her personal journey and how she views aging as an opportunity for continued growth and entrepreneurship. The podcast emphasizes the importance of creativity, daring to be different, and thinking fabulously as key elements in redefining one's concept of retirement. Wallis encourages individuals aged 55 and above to step out of their comfort zones, challenge societal expectations, and consider becoming entrepreneurs.Bold Not Old is introduced as a platform that started around six years ago. Wallis discusses how it has evolved, serving as a space for individuals who embrace style, fashion, and a positive attitude towards aging. She explains the process of transforming Bold Not Old into a membership platform, offering resources, videos, and affiliates for those interested in pursuing a bold and entrepreneurial approach to aging.The conversation delves into Wallis's personal journey, her entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, and the mindset shift required to approach aging as a positive and dynamic phase of life. The podcast also touches upon the idea that retirement, as traditionally perceived, may not be the best path for everyone, and pursuing one's passions and purpose can add years to life.The episode ends with a discussion about Wallis's latest book, "Being Bold, Not Old: A New Generation of Role Models," which features stories and images of individuals embracing bold and positive aging.Overall, the podcast episode encourages listeners to rethink aging, embrace entrepreneurship, and find passion and purpose in the later stages of life. Wallis Pattison serves as an inspirational figure, challenging stereotypes and advocating for a vibrant and fulfilling approach to aging.More info on Wallis info on Dr. Ron
  • 200. Conscious Leadership: Navigating War and Love Consciousness with Dr. Teri Baydar.

    Welcome to "REJUVENAGING with Dr. Ron Kaiser," where positive health psychologist and coach, Dr. Ron Kaiser, explores the essence of consciousness with today's guest, Dr. Teri Baydar. complex concepts into practical insights for listeners.As a leadership coach, Dr. Teri emphasizes the importance of helping individuals understand the fundamental state of consciousness in which they operate. She introduces the dichotomy of war consciousness, characterized by conflict and control, and love consciousness, which embodies a higher state of being marked by understanding and compassion.The conversation explores the impact of these consciousness states, particularly in the realm of business. Dr. Teri highlights the prevalence of war consciousness in business models, where the pursuit of profit often overshadows considerations for societal and environmental well-being. She advocates for a shift towards love consciousness, asserting that constructive outcomes arise from this mindset.Dr. Teri's recently published book, "Flip Your Switch: A User's Guide to a Whole New Mind," serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals seeking to embrace love consciousness in their daily lives. The book addresses common pitfalls, such as the "happiness formula lie," and offers principles to shift one's mindset towards a more positive and constructive outlook.The conversation also touches on Dr. Teri's unique journey, blending her background in business, including an MBA, with her expertise in leadership coaching and meditation. Her rich experiences in project management and her exploration of the subconscious mind contribute to her innovative approach to personal and professional development.Listeners are encouraged to explore her book, "Flip Your Switch," as a valuable resource for understanding and implementing love consciousness. The episode offers a thought-provoking exploration of consciousness and its impact on our lives, providing practical wisdom for those on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.Connect with Dr. Teri Baydar. with Dr. Ron