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Aligning Values and Goals with Claudia Garbutt

Ep. 165

It can be easy to get stuck in the rituals of our daily lives. Change is disruptive and uncomfortable and many avoid it for these reasons. Others are drawn to change and dynamism, embracing the twists and turns that come along with it. Entrepreneurs are a perfect example of the latter. They are propelled by passion and not discouraged by fear of the unknown. However, being an entrepreneur and owning your own business can be stressful and difficult to adjust to. The success of your company is primarily reliant on you and one wrong move could see it all go up in flames. So how do you manage yourself and your life in order to be happy and successful in the world of entrepreneurship?

This episode’s guest, Claudia Garbutt is a mindset and high-performance coach and owner of Wired for Success - a company aimed at empowering entrepreneurs to reach their full potential without sacrificing their health, relationships, or happiness. In this episode, Claudia describes what led her into the world of entrepreneurship and breaks down the framework of her business and how it’s designed to help others. 

Tune in to Episode 165 of REJUVENAGING® and nurture your inner entrepreneur with Claudia Garbutt.

Some Questions I Ask:

How did you get from who you were to who you are today? (5:07)

Were you able to accomplish your goal of being able to have more control over your life? (11:46)

What is unique about your coaching and the focus of your coaching? (14:05)

Are there some general hints that you can give for somebody who wants to grow up as a healthy entrepreneur or parents who want to raise a child who's going in that direction? (20:05)

When should entrepreneurs be seeking help or is it something that's a normal part of the developmental process and developing your own business? (24:50)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How long it took for Claudia to be confident in the business she built (10:38)

What negative consequences Claudia sees as a result of chronic stress in the entrepreneurs that she coaches (13:30)

The four steps of Claudia’s Sustainable Success Framework (14:12)

What Claudia thinks about trying to change habits once you’re past a certain age in life (23:15)


Claudia’s podcast: Wired for Success

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