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Accumulating the Most Powerful Form of Wealth with Fernando Flores

Ep. 86

When he was 12, Fernando Flores got hit by a car that broke his femur, forcing him to deal with a screw through his knee for 29 days in a hospital. After that, he spent another seven weeks flat in bed with a cast from his stomach to the ankle. During that time, Fernando cherished movement, and he decided to make health and wellness part of his identity.

However, pursuing his dream of becoming an attorney, Fernando stopped taking care of his health and well-being. After several loved ones died from heart conditions, he decided to get back on track and take care of his health, the most powerful form of wealth. 

Fernando Flores is a Certified High-Performance Coach, attorney, author, lecturer, podcaster, and international speaker. He is the Founder of Health and Wellness University, LLC, and he is an expert in occupational burnout and emotional intelligence. 

In this episode, we talked about Fernando's extraordinary journey of commitment to reach his best version and helping others to achieve theirs. We also spoke about how and when he decided to commit to himself and how he became his first coaching client. He kindly shared some brilliant insights about emotional intelligence, managing emotions, and identity. 

Tune in to Episode 86 of Rejuvenaging and listen to Fernando's masterclass about self-love, acceptance, and awareness. 

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What's so unique about you, and what makes you different? (4:56)
  • Why aren't we just naturally emotionally intelligent? (16:04)
  • Tell us a bit of the Health and Wellness University (22:24)
  • What advice would you offer to parents who are raising kids? How do we introduce some of your concepts to them? (27:10)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Fernando learned to detach from his identity (7:12)
  • We are not taught to manage our emotions. We can't talk back when we are angry; we can't cry when we are upset (12:35)
  • We are emotionally constipated. We forget how to feel emotions (19:23)
  • Letting go can help us reach high levels of fulfillment (22:30)
  • The importance of being the authentic version of ourselves (29:09)

Resources Mentioned:

  • Health and Wellness University website
  • Health and Wellness University podcast

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The Secrets and Benefits of Active Aging with Ruth Yunker

Ep. 136
Not that many people have the REJUVENAGING® spirit so ingrained in their lives as today's guest, Ruth Yunker. Her way of carrying herself through life turns her into an advocate and a role model for growing older with enthusiasm, inspiring others in the second half of their lives, and finding joy in the small daily miracles.Ruth is an Author, Humorist, Memoirist, Vlogger, and Photographer. She also has a YouTube channel, "Ruth."As her father was climbing the ladder of corporate America during her childhood, the family traveled a lot. Ruth got used to being in constant movement and meeting new friends, which sharpened her abilities to read people, observe them, and pick up the different ways they see the world.In this episode, we travel back in time to Ruth's childhood, the travels, and the experiences of being a little girl constantly moving from one city to another. We talk about the life-changing decisions she made after she turned fifty, the new beginning she decided to gift herself, and her unstoppable drive to enjoy every aspect of life. We delve into Ruth's journeys to Paris, which meant so much to her and inspired her first two books, "Me, Myself and Paris" and "Paris, I've Grown Accustomed to Your Ways." Ruth shared tips and advice to regain control of our lives and hold ourselves accountable for our lives' outcomes, and she described the ageless feeling that inspired her third book, "Baby, I'm the Boss of Me."Tune in to Episode 136 of REJUVENAGING® to meet this energizing, inspiring, funny, and infectiously happy human being.Some Questions I Ask:Could you tell us about your journey to get to where you are today? (3:50)What kind of writing did you do aside from the books? (12:02)If somebody doesn't have the time, money, or health to do the traveling you did, what principles would you share with somebody who wants to begin taking charge of their life? (21:39)In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Ruth's childhood and the learning experiences of traveling (4:09)The moment Ruth decided to regain control of her life (6:27)Ruth's relationship with school and writing before and after becoming a full-time writer (10:37)Why Paris? Ruth talks about why she decided to settle in the French city (18:43)About the importance of paying attention to the unnoticed daily miracles (25:02)Resources:Ruth Yunker websiteRuth Yunker's booksConnect with Ruth:InstagramFacebookYouTubeUseful REJUVENAGING® Resources:Website: Dr. Ron Kaiser -Rejuvenaging: The Art and Science of Growing Older with EnthusiasmEmail: ron.kaiser@thementalhealthgym.comTEDx Talk: Aging Enthusiastically to Make the World a Better Place

Finding New Ways To Thrive After A Life-changing Diagnosis with Kim "Kid" Curry

Ep. 135
The romance between our guest, Kim Curry, and the radio was love at first sight, or, to be more accurate, love at first listen. Born and raised in a small town in Colorado, Cañon City, Kim went to "babysit" the only radio station in the city on Sundays, and after hearing his own voice on the speakers, he was hooked.After studying Broadcasting at Colorado State University, Kim built a 30+ years career as a DJ and Program Director for the most prestigious radio stations in the country. Kim's career was abruptly interrupted by a multiple sclerosis diagnosis, making him look for new ways of going through his life with the same energy and enthusiasm.Kim Curry, aka Kid Curry, is a former DJ and Program Director and Author of three books, "The Death of Fairness," "Come Get Me Mother, I'm Through," and the soon-to-be-published "The Return to Fairness."In this episode, Kim kindly takes us back to his childhood, narrating the events that made him fall in love with radio broadcasting, his successful projects, and how his health started deteriorating under the stress of being a Program Director for so many years. We talk about how the diagnosis impacted Kim and his family's lives and how they supported him through the first hard years. We also delve into Kim's passion for writing and his learning process to become a full-time writer.Tune in to Episode 135 to learn Kim's story of resilience, overcoming adversity, and finding new reasons to thrive every day.Some Questions I Ask:How does somebody become a successful DJ? Could you tell us a bit about your journey? (3:23)You obviously never planned for, studied, or prepared to be an MS patient. How did you handle the news when you were diagnosed? (16:08)How do you spend your time nowadays? (23:21)In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Kim's experience "babysitting" a radio station (3:26)Kim's transition from star DJ to Program Director (12:19)About the time when everything started to change for Kim after the MS diagnosis (17:56)Kim discovers writing and falls in love with it (24:11)Everybody has something. Kim shares advice for those facing debilitating conditions (26:26)Resources:Kim Curry's websiteBook: Kim Curry - The Death of FairnessBook: Kim Curry - Come Get Me Mother, I'm Through!Book: Alec Bowling - Optimal Health with Multiple SclerosisConnect with Kim:FacebookInstagramUseful REJUVENAGING® Resources:Website:

How To Understand What Our Cells Say About Us with Dr. Jon Lieff

Ep. 134
Today, Dr. Jon Lieff joins us to discuss a fascinating topic: cells' secret language. What are they saying? Why should we pay attention to their conversation? How are they communicating?Dr. Jon Lieff is a neuro-psychiatrist, neuroscientist, author, and the Founder of Searching for the Mind. He is a pioneer in geriatric psychiatry; he built some of the first geriatric medical/psychiatry hospital units and the largest geriatric treatment network in New England. He graduated from Yale College with a B.A. in mathematics and holds an M.D from Harvard Medical School.In this episode, we delve into a few of the main topics of Dr. Lieff's latest book, "The Secret Language of Cells." He explains some of the most complicated facts in layman's terms – how cells communicate with each other and how microbes can join the conversation and convince cells to do things. We also talk about the mind, what changes in our bodies when we are depressed, sick, or undergo prolonged stress, and Dr. Lieff's six conclusions of what we can do to preserve our health from a cellular perspective.Tune in to Episode 134 of REJUVENAGING® to learn how cellular communication is changing our understanding of diseases and life itself.Some Questions I Ask:What is a cell? And why are our cells so important? (4:31)How do cells communicate? (6:37)One of the earliest things a professor said in my first psychology class was "There's no such thing as the mind." Over the following decades, I've learned that that isn't necessarily the correct opinion. But, what is the mind? (16:37)In This Episode, You Will Learn:Dr. Lieff's first steps into science and how he got interested in cellular communication (7:48)Everything in biology is based on signaling (10:26)What happens in our body when we are depressed or under stress for prolonged periods (13:02)Six things we should be aware of to take proper care of our overall health (21:51)The best way to eliminate stress (27:36)Resources:Dr. Jon Lieff's websiteBook: Dr. Jon Lieff - The Secret Language of Cells: What Biological Conversations Tell Us About the Brain-Body Connection, the Future of Medicine, and Life ItselfConnect with Dr. Lieff:LinkedInTwitterUseful REJUVENAGING® Resources:Website: Dr. Ron Kaiser -Rejuvenaging: The Art and Science of Growing Older with EnthusiasmEmail: ron.kaiser@thementalhealthgym.comTEDx Talk: Aging Enthusiastically to Make the World a Better Place