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Refuge Freedom Stories

Refuge Freedom Stories - Mark Sowersby

Interview with Mark Sowersby.

Mark talks about the nightmare of child abuse, and, his journey of forgiveness and victory through Jesus.

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  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Danielle Bernock

    Interview with Danielle Bernock.Danielle talks about her lifelong pursuit of the truth about God's Love, and, how He ultimately convinced her of it.Danielle's free audio book Love's Manifesto is available here:
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Robert Bass

    Interview with Robert Bass.Robert discusses a life of faith, following God’s Voice, and, how it has shaped and directed him.Robert would also like to give you a free copy of his eBook – Hidden Fruit: Receive All That God Has for You.You can find it at and use coupon code REFUGE during checkout. 
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    Interview with Amanda Blackwood.Amanda discusses her life as a victim of human trafficking, how God rescued her from trauma, and, how He brought her victory over it.Be advised, this is a VERY CANDID and open discussion about her personal experience with human trafficking.
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