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Refuge Freedom Stories

Refuge Freedom Stories - Dorsey Ross

Interview with Dorsey Ross.

Dorsey talks about being born with a disability that required 68 surgeries in his life, and, how God has given him purpose through it all.

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  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Morgan McCarver

    Interview with Morgan McCarver.Morgan shares about how her dreams of competitive dancing ended with Scoliosis surgery, and, how her faith in God led her instead to become a multi-award-winning ceramic artist.
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Wendy Zahorjanski

    Interview with Wendy Zahorjanski.Wendy talks about how as a small-town girl she was led to move halfway across the world following the voice of God, her trials and challenges, and, the importance of language as it relates to our faith and walk with God.
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    Interview with Paul Zolman.Paul is an international bestselling author who experienced a life-changing transformation from anger to profoundly demonstrating the principles of true Godly love.
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  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Stephanie Olson

    Interview with Stephanie Olson.Stephanie discusses how her faith in Jesus is the fundamental part of being a speaker, author, and CEO of The Set Me Free Project, a prevention education organization on human trafficking, social media safety, and, healthy relationships.
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    Interview with Julia Fikse.Julia discusses her life-long battle with food addiction and how Jesus brought her through that and gave her the keys to a completely new and vibrant relationship with Him.
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    Interview with Darryl Rodgers.Darryl works with parents of children struggling with a substance use disorder, and, discusses how God helped him through his own son’s battle with it.