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Refuge Freedom Stories

Refuge Freedom Stories - Cecil Ramos

Interview with Cecil Ramos.

Cecil discusses his call into the mission field of Thailand, and, how God is tangibly demonstrating His Love there.

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  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Mr. Whiskey

    Interview with Mr. Whiskey.Mr. Whiskey, a veteran, author, and, host and producer of the Couple O' Nukes and Radiating Faith podcasts, shares his about his early upbringing, his perception of religion, and, how through his journey of faith he came to center his life upon God. 
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - David Libby

    Interview with David Libby.David and his wife Lisa lived an outdoor lifestyle, and, the whole family became desperately ill with Lyme Disease and complications that very nearly drove them to the breaking point, however, through it all they came to intimately understand God's Sovereignty in the Face of Suffering.
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Shawn Paul

    Interview with Shawn Paul.Shawn has a unique perspective of following the Lord’s direction in life that has led him through the military, construction industry, real estate, and most recently, a full-time missionary in Guatemala for over 10 years.
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Terence Chatmon

    Interview with Terence Chatmon.Terence was a successful senior executive in US Fortune 500 companies, and was challenged by his wife to chart a course for the spiritual growth of his family and children, and, after much prayer, birthed Victorious Family Ministries, one of the world’s most transformational step-by-step family spiritual development processes.
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Aaron Guyett

    Interview with Aaron GuyettAaron is a disciple in Christ, a husband, a father, a teacher, and, has successfully led Marines in combat in Kuwait and Iraq. Aaron shares his journey of faith, from questioning the existence of God during his time in the Marines to finding his way back to Christ.
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Jason Perry

    Interview with Jason Perry.Jason, a former Navy SEAL and police officer, shares his journey from atheism to faith and how it transformed his life. He discusses the challenges he faced and the pivotal moments that led him to become a pastor and start his own ministry focusing on serving veterans, first responders, and patriots, providing discipleship and support.
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Sean Dunn

    Interview with Sean Dunn. Sean, founder of GroundWire Ministry, shares his journey of faith and how he uses social media technology to reach young people with the message of Jesus Christ. 
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Ny

    Interview with Ny.Ny is currently the host of the Faith-based podcast, KoffeeSipsTea, where she chats about entrepreneurship, and also a Holistic Creative Coach using the holistic healthcare approach through HA! Sessions to unlock unlimited creativity, and, all of this done with a Kingdom twist.TakeawaysBreak away from religious traditions and seek a personal relationship with God.Patience is key in waiting on God and trusting in His divine plan.Encourage young people to worship God in their own unique way.There is no wrong path with God; He will redirect and guide us.Nourish the soul and prioritize spiritual health in addition to mental and physical well-being.Share the faith message with wisdom and authenticity in the marketplace.
  • Refuge Freedom Stories - Dora Spectacular

    Interview with Dora Spectacular.Dora is a fashion maven, host of HAUTURELY by Dora Spectacular, and, a comedic Motivational Personality. Dora shares her journey of overcoming challenges, highlighting the importance of forgiveness, the role of faith, and, finding her identity in God's love.Takeaways- Words have the power to shape our self-esteem and perspective.- Childhood experiences and family dynamics can greatly impact our self-image.- Forgiveness is essential for healing and finding peace.- Recognizing God's love and accepting His purpose for our lives brings breakthrough.- Studying improvisation can teach valuable life skills, such as collaboration and listening.