s02e03 - Ghosts

Season 2, Ep. 3

In which Andrew asks the questions: what are ghosts, if anything? How should we think about ghost experiences? What sort of reason do they give us to believe that ghosts are real?

Special thanks to "James" and "Dianne" and their family, to Frank McAndrew, and to Casey Smith.


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s02e01 - What's an Inverted Spectrum???

Season 2, Ep. 1
Welcome back to Reductio for a new Season! We'll be releasing episodes sporadically over the next 6-7 months.In the first episode, Andrew talks with Jonathan Cohen of UCSD about the Inverted Spectrum possibility: the possibility that we might have totally different experiences of the colors around us and we'd never know it!Editing help by Inverted Spectrum Media's new intern: Xinjian HuangSpecial thanks to Jonathan Cohen. Find his book on color here: The Red and the Real.Special thanks also to Troy Jollimore.Episode Share Link: us on Patreon:Reductio: Adventures in Ideas is creating A Podcast about Ideas, Philosophy, and Understanding | PatreonOther Philosophy-Themed Podcasts to explore:Unmute (interviews w/ Myisha Cherry)Reductio (narrative w/ Andrew Lavin)Hi-Phi Nation (narrative w/ Barry Lam)Elucidations (interviews w/ Matt Teichman et al.)Wisdom at Work (interviews w/ David E. Storey)Philosophy Talk (conversation w/ Stanford Faculty incl. John Perry, formerly Ken Taylor, Ray Briggs, Debra Satz, Josh Landy, et al.)Philosophy Bites (short interview w/ David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton)Brain in a Vat (interview w/ Jason Werbeloff and Mark Oppenheimer)Partially Examined Life ("reading group" discussions w/ Mark Linsenmayer, Seth Paskin, Wes Alwan, Dylan Casey)The Panpsycast (conversation w/ Jack Symes, Gregory Miller, Andrew Horton, Oliver Marley, et al.)The History of Philosophy without any Gaps (mix of monologue and interview w/ Peter Adamson)The History of Indian and Africana Philosophy (mix of monologue and interview w/ Peter Adamson)Political Philosophy Podcast (interview w/ Tobias Buckle)Embrace the Void (conversation w/ Aaron Rabinowitz)Philosophers in Space (conversation about philosophy and movies/TV w/ Aaron Rabinowitz and Thomas Smith)Short and Curly (ethics podcast for kids w/ ABC Radio)The Dawdler's Philosophy (discussion w/ Harland Grant and RTP McKenna)5 Questions (interview about philosophers themselves w/ Kieran Setiya)Philosophize This (monologue w/ Stephen West)Bad Philosophy (conversation w/ Stephen Torrence and Kevin Saunders)Why? Philosophical Discussions about Everyday Life (discussion w/ Jack Russell Weinsstein)Dilemma (interview/discussion w/ Jay Shapiro)Philosophy 24/7 (interview w/ David Edmonds)The Big Idea (interview w/ David Edmonds)Philosophy Bakes Bread (interview w/ Eric Thomas Weber and Anthony Cashio)The Philosopher's Zone (Interview w/ David Rutledge (ABC Radio))Very Bad Wizards (conversation w/ Tamler Sommers and David Pizarro)Sacred and Profane Love (interview w/ Jennifer Frey)Out of the Tower (interview w/ Peter O’Meara)New Books in Philosophy (Interview w/ Marshall Poe)Philosophical Disquisitions (interview w/ John Danaher)Stoic Meditations (monologue w/ Massimo Pigliucci)Nous (interview w/ Ilan Goodman)The New Thinkery (conversation w/ Gregory McBrayer, Alex Priou, and David Bahr)The Free Will Show (interview w/ Taylor Cyr and Matt Flummer)Journal Entries (interview w/ Wesley Buckwalter)Overthink (Conversational/Interview pop culture and philosophy podcast aimed at Millenial and Gen Z listeners)Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society (lectures)Out of the Vat (Interviews w/ LSE Philosophy department)Forum for Philosophy Podcast (monologue)Philosophy for Our Times (Conversations w/ iai Podcasts)Upon Reflection (Monologue w/ Nick Byrd)Consciousness Live! (Interview w/ Richard Brown)Generous Questions (Interview w/ Joe Morrison)Premise (Interviews w/ Angelos Sofocleous)Plato’s Cave (Interview w/ Jordan Myers)Dilemma (Interview w/ Jay Shapiro)Philosophical Trials (Interview w/ Tedy Nenu)Common Room Philosophy (Conversation w/ Warwick Philosophy Department)Philosophy? WTF?? (Conversation w/ Danny O’Donnell and Dr. Michael Alsford)Examining Ethics (Interview w/ Christiane Wisehart and Eleanor Price)The Meaning of… (Conversation w/ Tim Dean amd Monty Badami)