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A seasonal podcast that brings the ideas and tools of philosophy to everyone. Featuring interviews with professional philosophers, personal stories, and lots of fun thought experiments. We'll start with about 5 episodes

s02e01 - What's an Inverted Spectrum???

Season 2, Ep. 1
Welcome back to Reductio for a new Season! We'll be releasing episodes sporadically over the next 6-7 months.In the first episode, Andrew talks with Jonathan Cohen of UCSD about the Inverted Spectrum possibility: the possibility that we might have totally different experiences of the colors around us and we'd never know it!Editing help by Inverted Spectrum Media's new intern: Xinjian HuangSpecial thanks to Jonathan Cohen. Find his book on color here: The Red and the Real.Special thanks also to Troy Jollimore.Episode Share Link: us on Patreon:Reductio: Adventures in Ideas is creating A Podcast about Ideas, Philosophy, and Understanding | PatreonOther Philosophy-Themed Podcasts to explore:Unmute (interviews w/ Myisha Cherry)Reductio (narrative w/ Andrew Lavin)Hi-Phi Nation (narrative w/ Barry Lam)Elucidations (interviews w/ Matt Teichman et al.)Wisdom at Work (interviews w/ David E. Storey)Philosophy Talk (conversation w/ Stanford Faculty incl. John Perry, formerly Ken Taylor, Ray Briggs, Debra Satz, Josh Landy, et al.)Philosophy Bites (short interview w/ David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton)Brain in a Vat (interview w/ Jason Werbeloff and Mark Oppenheimer)Partially Examined Life ("reading group" discussions w/ Mark Linsenmayer, Seth Paskin, Wes Alwan, Dylan Casey)The Panpsycast (conversation w/ Jack Symes, Gregory Miller, Andrew Horton, Oliver Marley, et al.)The History of Philosophy without any Gaps (mix of monologue and interview w/ Peter Adamson)The History of Indian and Africana Philosophy (mix of monologue and interview w/ Peter Adamson)Political Philosophy Podcast (interview w/ Tobias Buckle)Embrace the Void (conversation w/ Aaron Rabinowitz)Philosophers in Space (conversation about philosophy and movies/TV w/ Aaron Rabinowitz and Thomas Smith)Short and Curly (ethics podcast for kids w/ ABC Radio)The Dawdler's Philosophy (discussion w/ Harland Grant and RTP McKenna)5 Questions (interview about philosophers themselves w/ Kieran Setiya)Philosophize This (monologue w/ Stephen West)Bad Philosophy (conversation w/ Stephen Torrence and Kevin Saunders)Why? Philosophical Discussions about Everyday Life (discussion w/ Jack Russell Weinsstein)Dilemma (interview/discussion w/ Jay Shapiro)Philosophy 24/7 (interview w/ David Edmonds)The Big Idea (interview w/ David Edmonds)Philosophy Bakes Bread (interview w/ Eric Thomas Weber and Anthony Cashio)The Philosopher's Zone (Interview w/ David Rutledge (ABC Radio))Very Bad Wizards (conversation w/ Tamler Sommers and David Pizarro)Sacred and Profane Love (interview w/ Jennifer Frey)Out of the Tower (interview w/ Peter O’Meara)New Books in Philosophy (Interview w/ Marshall Poe)Philosophical Disquisitions (interview w/ John Danaher)Stoic Meditations (monologue w/ Massimo Pigliucci)Nous (interview w/ Ilan Goodman)The New Thinkery (conversation w/ Gregory McBrayer, Alex Priou, and David Bahr)The Free Will Show (interview w/ Taylor Cyr and Matt Flummer)Journal Entries (interview w/ Wesley Buckwalter)Overthink (Conversational/Interview pop culture and philosophy podcast aimed at Millenial and Gen Z listeners)Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society (lectures)Out of the Vat (Interviews w/ LSE Philosophy department)Forum for Philosophy Podcast (monologue)Philosophy for Our Times (Conversations w/ iai Podcasts)Upon Reflection (Monologue w/ Nick Byrd)Consciousness Live! (Interview w/ Richard Brown)Generous Questions (Interview w/ Joe Morrison)Premise (Interviews w/ Angelos Sofocleous)Plato’s Cave (Interview w/ Jordan Myers)Dilemma (Interview w/ Jay Shapiro)Philosophical Trials (Interview w/ Tedy Nenu)Common Room Philosophy (Conversation w/ Warwick Philosophy Department)Philosophy? WTF?? (Conversation w/ Danny O’Donnell and Dr. Michael Alsford)Examining Ethics (Interview w/ Christiane Wisehart and Eleanor Price)The Meaning of… (Conversation w/ Tim Dean amd Monty Badami)