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Testaments Book Recap 3: Ew, Shannon!

Season 4, Ep. 21

Kelly + Molly recall problematic times with Margaret Atwood, among other things, in their third recap of The Testaments. They get into it about character zodiac signs, Elisa Lam, grotesque descriptions of old men, the Bluebeard, how to correctly pronounce 'crayons,' winter ovesters, the truth about Santa Claus, Commander Judd's R. Kelly contraband, wedding dress montages, Aunt Lululemon and more warm milk. If you have time, hit us up on Venmo, on Facebook , and drop us a nice review on Apple Podcasts!

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  • 59:00
    Kelly + Molly are back to do a little quarantine check-in and plug their latest online projects. They chat about what they're reading, what they're watching and what they're doing for self care, plus offer their take on the Handmaid's Tale S4 trailer. Catch Kelly Anneken's Lack of Variety Hour on Saturday, August 29 at 8 ET/5 PT and subscribe to Molly's new podcast, Comic's Book Club, wherever you like to listen.
  • Primed for Weirdness

    Kelly + Molly reunite for a special, pandemic episode of Red All Over! They chat about what they've been up to since their final episode, what they're reading/watching/listening to as they shelter in place, and go deep on the Hulu documentary Margaret Atwood: A Word After a Word After a Word is Power. They also cover the opposite of negging, Tiger King, weird art girls/ghosts, social distancing king JD Salinger, airhorn app recommendations, signing up for Master Class, the fundamental pettiness behind great art, Top Chef, blood types, and pitch a Maggie Atts biopic starring Julia Stiles.
  • 22. Testaments Book Recap 4: The Royal Jerk

    Kelly + Molly give a proper sendoff to Aunt Lydia, Agnes Jemima, Daisy/Jade/Nicole, Bekah and all the rest as they cover the satisfying ending of a very uneven book. There's an Action Offred surprise appearance, even yet still more Aunt names, beeping vaginas, cheese salad, longing for the ambiguity of the Handmaid's Tale book ending, the Nellie J. Banks, Sims naming conventions, cisternologists, the return of the Rhett Butler argument, the power of cosplay, confirmed sexist arctic chair jokes, our inability to accurately tell our own stories and Margaret Atwood's character name fundraisers. Find us in all the familiar places: Venmo, Facebook and Apple Podcasts!
  • 20. Testaments Book Recap 2: Oh My Garth

    Get in loser, we're joining Mayday! Kelly + Molly are back to discuss yet still more Testaments-related topics such as telling the four Founders apart, being dead as a donkey, wondering who would hurt a pearl, the consisten badassery of Quakers, Carvel ice cream cakes, determining which character is the stupidest, Margaret Atwood's weird body shaming, who drinks what with whom, the Kesha cruise, Kyle Kyle's dress dress, super dirty martinis and endless cups of coffee and the joy of finally meeting a character who knows you have to drug the baby. You know the drill: we're on Venmo, we're on Facebook , we're on Apple Podcasts!
  • 19. Testaments Book Recap 1: F*ck You, Brother!

    Pull up your dollhouse! It's time to talk about The Testaments, Margaret Atwood's Booker Prize nominated sequel to The Handmaid's Tale. Our verdict? Parts of it, real good! Kelly + Molly encounter the inevitable Professor Snape comparisons, discuss how to correctly cite Bible verses, explore Pearl Girls and the concubine cut into twelve pieces, compare the Aunts of Gilead to the Bene Gesserit of Dune, debate whether Gilead is a Christian nation, chastise Maggie Atts for a real missed opportunity to name a character Shannon, and recount some exciting swears. Feel free to donate on Venmo, we'll keep the convo poppin' on Facebook and your five-star reviews on Apple Podcasts are always appreciated!
  • 18. Kristen Gutoskie Interview

    Surprise! We've got one more interview for the road. Kelly had a chance to talk with her favorite Martha, Kristen Gutoskie (aka Beth a-the besto, she make-a the pesto), and she was a goshdarn delight!
  • 17. Handmaid's Tale Hulu Recap 36: Exploratory Backchat

    Blessed be the finale, Redheads! Kelly + Molly's hearts grew three sizes as they watched The Handmaid's Tale S3E13. It's a strong finish to an uneven season, so they take the opportunity to get real pedantic about "mayday," worry about Gilead secret slime action, come up with a Steven Universe name for June + Janine, spot some Lush shampoo outside Soul Scrolls, explain how to make Lunchables from scratch, remind everyone that there are other causes for female barfing aside from pregnancy, make a connection to Toni Morrison's Beloved, brush up on dystopian party etiquette, gun for a Ferris Bueller crossover, hope that S4 will bring more a racially responsible approach to writing and casting for the show, and, of course, have one last argument about a very minor plot detail. You can still get a Venmo shoutout for one of our episodes covering The Testaments this fall, we'll keep the convo poppin' on Facebook and your five-star reviews on Apple Podcasts are always appreciated!
  • 16. Bruce Miller Interview

    We can't even, y'all. CAN. NOT. EVEN.