Red All Over: A Handmaid's Tale Podcast


Testaments Book Recap 2: Oh My Garth

Season 4, Ep. 20

Get in loser, we're joining Mayday! Kelly + Molly are back to discuss yet still more Testaments-related topics such as telling the four Founders apart, being dead as a donkey, wondering who would hurt a pearl, the consisten badassery of Quakers, Carvel ice cream cakes, determining which character is the stupidest, Margaret Atwood's weird body shaming, who drinks what with whom, the Kesha cruise, Kyle Kyle's dress dress, super dirty martinis and endless cups of coffee and the joy of finally meeting a character who knows you have to drug the baby. You know the drill: we're on Venmo, we're on Facebook , we're on Apple Podcasts!

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