A comedy-adjacent podcast where we come up with reboots for things that don't need them.

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  • 145. Episode 145: Transformers

    This week we reboot Transformers and also another surprise thing at the same time!
  • 144. Episode 144: Space Jam

    This week we reboot Space Jam by removing all the sports and adding way more jam.
  • 143. Episode 143: Condorman

    It's 2021 and we're trying to get back into a regular episode cadence! This week we reboot Condorman, a movie about a condor-themed superhero! We had some audio issues on this one, so we're sorry if it's less listenable than usual. Thanks for listening though!
  • 142. Episode 142: Clockstoppers

    This week we reboot Clockstoppers with a sequel featuring as many twins as we could think of!
  • 141. Episode 141: Indiana Jones

    In this episode, we reboot Indiana Jones with a time-traveling romp through prehistoric dinosaur times, as he tangles with his most nefarious foe of all time: Chester Cheetah
  • 140. Episode 140: The Man Who Knew Too Little

    This week we went in without a plan and came out with a Boba Fett movie and we won't apologize for it.