A comedy-adjacent podcast where we come up with reboots for things that don't need them.

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  • 144. Episode 144: Space Jam

    This week we reboot Space Jam by removing all the sports and adding way more jam.
  • 143. Episode 143: Condorman

    It's 2021 and we're trying to get back into a regular episode cadence! This week we reboot Condorman, a movie about a condor-themed superhero! We had some audio issues on this one, so we're sorry if it's less listenable than usual. Thanks for listening though!
  • 142. Episode 142: Clockstoppers

    This week we reboot Clockstoppers with a sequel featuring as many twins as we could think of!
  • 141. Episode 141: Indiana Jones

    In this episode, we reboot Indiana Jones with a time-traveling romp through prehistoric dinosaur times, as he tangles with his most nefarious foe of all time: Chester Cheetah
  • 140. Episode 140: The Man Who Knew Too Little

    This week we went in without a plan and came out with a Boba Fett movie and we won't apologize for it.
  • 139. Episode 139: The Thing

    In honor of the late Wilford Brimley, we reboot The Thing! Frank was sick this week, so it's just Scott and Rebecca so welcome to our most ADHD episode ever.