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Gender Fluid Fashion,Harry Styles inspiration and More

Season 1, Ep. 25

Gender Fluid Fashion….

What a crazy world!

This week Mitch launched his new range of fashion at Mitch and Mark HOME, and we talk about the whole influence of gender fluidity on fashion, and what does that mean? Harry Styles does it, Christian Wilkins does it….but can anyone play with gender fluid fashion?

And, we’re in an election. What does this mean for property owners, people who want to buy and people who are renting. There’s talk of interest rate hikes, and now pressure in the rental market. What are the candidates saying, if anything, about property.

The Block 2022 got started, and for one couple came to an abrupt end. The Block never fails to deliver twists and turns…what next?

We wrap up Season 1 of Reality Reno with mitch and mark, and will be taking a short break, but stay tuned for our ‘living next door to Alice’ updates on property and will our portrait make the final of the Archibald Prize! The incredible artist Caroline Zilinsky captured us on canvas, but will her skill see her portrait short listed…and what is the Block connection to The Archibald?

 Stay Tuned!

We’ll be back from 1st June with plenty of new guests and lots to talk about renovations and property….

Delighted to have you on this journey with us.

Mitch and Mark.

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Listeners Q&A with Mitch and Mark

Season 1, Ep. 23
We’ve had lots of questions come in from listeners, so this week we share our thoughts and experience with flipping properties and answer three of our most frequently asked questions. •Can you make money flipping….well, yes…and no….? We share our approach to the property flipping ‘business’. What do we consider when approaching a project, and what is ‘manufactured growth’? From our perspective, you make your money when you buy your flip-project, not when you sell!•Mitch often talks about ‘reducing the apologies’ in a property. We’re asked what that actually means, and how do you do it. We share a couple of examples of how an ‘apology’ in a property we bought, became an opportunity to create added value where other potential buyers couldn’t see it. oOur Tamarama Flip oOur Woolloomooloo FlipKeeping to budget in any renovation is tough. Are there tricks to keeping on budget? We share some of our approaches to managing a budget while property flipping, and options for saving money along the way. For more of our tips and thoughts on property renovations and styling please;Subscribe to this podcast, Reality Reno with Mitch and Mark, See our weekly column in Australian Community Media, called ‘Reality Reno with Mitch and Mark’,Head over to our website for :Interior inspiration including video tutorialsbefore and after shots of renovationsour video series ‘home by home.’ showcasing some of our past projects, and interviews on our Block 2021 winning home. See you at our store, Mitch and Mark HOME, Shop 2, 366-368 Barrenjoey Road, Newport Beach,

Nicole Jacobs - Buyers Advocate

Season 1, Ep. 22
Nicole Jacobs – Property, passion and fashion…what a great mix!This week we chat with the gorgeous Nicole Jacobs. She knows property and style. We spend time with Nicole to learn what a buyer’s advocate does, and how they work with clients to secure the right property. Nicole chats about getting the right team to help when purchasing a property, where the market might be going, and we find out that she actually trained for a different profession but loved property and helping people so much she created her own niche!There are some hints and tips for people getting into the property market, whether you’re buying your first home in your twenties, or your fifties, and some reflections on The Block 2021 Auctions.Nicole’s book, “SOLD", How to buy or sell your home with real confidence” is a great resource for anyone who is learning, or is passionate about property.To find out more about Nicole, or how a Buyers Agent can help you, you can check out the following links;Instagram: @nicolejacobspropertyFacebook @nicolejacobsmeLinkedIn to have you on this journey with us.Mitch and Mark.Check out our socials :@mitchandmark @mitchandmarkhome @realityrenowithmitchandmark@FacebookWe also have a range of homewares to help you to transform where you live into a fabulous space.Have a look here. Reality Reno is produced by Jake Taylor

Melissa Tkautz

Season 1, Ep. 21
Actress, singer, model, presenter, housewife (we mean a ‘real one!”)….reality star. She’s all of these things, and recently inspired Australia, showing she’s made of tough stuff, facing her fears on SAS, coming out with whole new insights and regard for herself. We sit down with the charming and fabulous Melissa Tkautz. Melissa is known for her career as an actress and singer. Popular from her performances in E Street, Home & Away, Paradise Beach, Echo Point, Pacific Drive, Medivac, All Saints and movie roles in Boar and most recently The Possessed. In our chat we explore what it’s like to be an actress, and to then experience reality TV? How did SAS change Melissa, or allow her to see who she already is? With all her wonderful fashion choices on Real Housewives of Sydney, is she a master of interior design, or needs some help with home styling…. and more. We hope you enjoy discovering more about Melissa Tkautz…we did! Find Melissa at Instagram if you think you may be struggling with your mental health here are some numbers and resources for youButterfly Phone 1800 33 4673Lifeline: 24/7 Crisis Support – Phone 13 11 14Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636 Qlife: 1800 184 527 or via webchat Delighted to have you on this journey with us.Mitch and Mark.Check out our socials :@mitchandmark @mitchandmarkhome @realityrenowithmitchandmark@FacebookWe also have a range of homewares to help you to transform where you live into a fabulous space.Have a look here. Reality Reno is produced by Jake Taylor