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With Jason Yarusi of Yarusi Holdings

Ep. 26

Jason Yarusi, the founder of Yarusi Holdings takes a step back from his own podcast, Multifamily Live, to join us on episode 26 of our podcast. Jason holds over 200 million in assets under management across 2,000 multifamily units. Being hyper focused on the area he invests in allows him to operate and grow his business. 

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  • 38. With Craig McGrouther of Lone Star Capital

    Craig McGrouther jumps in with us on Episode #38 of our podcast. Craig is the director of Business Development at Lone Star Capital. With a background in real estate sales and a passion for multifamily investing, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Having sold over 100 homes and acquired over $350M of multifamily real estate with Lone Star Capital, Craig is well-versed in investor relations and capital raising processes. Join us as he shares valuable insights on transitioning from single-family to multifamily investing and explores the nuances of real estate investing across different property types.To learn more about Craig, go here: with Craig on LinkedIn: with Craig on YouTube:
  • 37. With Tudor Francu of Stellar Multifamily Enterprise

    In episode #37 of our podcast, Tudor Francu joins us. An accomplished entrepreneur and physician anesthesiologist. With over 15 years of experience, Tudor has made significant strides in the real estate industry, particularly in multifamily enterprise investing. His company, Stellar Multifamily Enterprise, has passively invested in 500 units in Texas, demonstrating his adeptness in managing diverse portfolios. Tune in as Tudor shares his insights and strategies for success in both real estate and healthcare entrepreneurship.To learn more about Tudor, go here: https://www.stellarmultifamily.comConnect with Tudor on Facebook: with Tudor on LinkedIn:✨tudor-francu-md-dipwset-✨-0223741/Connect with Tudor on YouTube:
  • 36. With Alvin Scioneaux of Financial Athlete Capital

    We’ve got another exciting episode of our podcast, featuring Alvin Scioneaux, founder of Financial Athlete Capital and former NFL linebacker for the Chargers. A true powerhouse, Alvin combines his expertise as an aerospace engineer with a successful real estate career in Los Angeles. Join us as he shares insights into his journey, from early experiences fixing homes with his father to managing his own properties and utilizing effective marketing, particularly to NFL players.To learn more about Alvin, go here: https://financialathletecapital.comConnect with Alvin on Facebook: with Alvin on LinkedIn: with Alvin on YouTube:
  • 35. With Marcelo Valdez of The Next Wave Group

    Marcelo Valdez, the principal and founder of The Next Wave Group, joins us on Episode 35. A Marine Corps veteran fluent in three languages, Marcelo transitioned from a full-time career in real estate to become a dedicated advocate for affordable housing in San Diego. In the aftermath of the 2009 housing crash, Marcelo tackled California's housing deficit head-on by focusing on accessory dwelling units, specializing in building homes ranging from 500 to 1200 square feet. Join us as Marcelo shares insights into his journey, the challenges of the housing market, and his commitment to addressing California's housing shortage.To learn more about Marcelo, go here: https://www.thenextwavegroup.comConnect with Marcelo on LinkedIn:
  • 34. With Igor Shaltanov of Avista Fund LLC

    In episode 34 of the podcast, Igor Shaltanov, the founder of Avista Fund, joins in. Having transitioned from a professional water polo career, Igor entered the real estate scene in 2015, starting with his own rental property. He shares his hands-on experience of buying and renting out an apartment with his own funds, ultimately expanding his portfolio to include multifamily units, storage facilities, and engaging in syndication. The episode dives into Igor's strategic focus on location, risk management, and selecting the right asset class for successful real estate ventures.To learn more about Igor, go here: https://avistafund.comConnect with Igor on Facebook: with Igor on LinkedIn:
  • 33. With Tim Little of ZANA Investments

    In podcast episode 33, Tim Little, founder and CEO of Zana Investments, shares insights into his remarkable journey in real estate investing. Tim began his investment journey in 2014 and now co-owns a portfolio valued at over $60 million. He shares his experiences and lessons learned from starting out while in the Army to recommitting to real estate investing after a corporate job. Tim emphasizes the importance of bringing value to social media and how that can help shape your connection with investors. To learn more about Tim, go here: with Tim on Facebook: with Tim on LinkedIn: with Tim on YouTube:
  • 32. With Yakov Smart of Investor Attraction Academy

    In Episode 32, we welcome Yakov Smart, an entrepreneur specializing in capital raisers and lead generation. As the founder of Investor Attraction Academy, host of the "Raising Capital Show," and an accomplished author, Yakov's journey began with selling his first marketing product during college in 2015. He honed his skills in utilizing LinkedIn and digital marketing avenues for lead generation through the creation of his own ebook. Adapting to the challenges of the COVID era, Yakov successfully transitioned from in-person events to all-digital marketing.To learn more about Yakov, go here: with Yakov on Facebook: with Yakov on LinkedIn: