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  • 95. Mid-Year Check-In

    On this week's episode, Lori and Jon reflect on markets as we hit the mid-point mark of 2024! They discuss how to set yourself up for investment success, what sectors are working best, and how to deal with market ups and downs.Enjoy!

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  • 94. Tax Planning Tips ft. Cindy David

    On this week's episode, Lori and Jon are joined by Lori and Jon are joined by Cindy David, Estate Planning Advisor and President of Cindy David Financial Group. They talk about everything a business owner needs to know about valuing a business, selling a business, tax implications and so much more!Check out Cindy's website here:!
  • 93. 15 Years in Review

    On this week's episode, Lori and Jon celebrate 15 years of working together! They take a trip down memory lane and recap some of the main world events that have happened over the years and some of the most memorable guests who have been on the show. They also talk about what they have learned and what financial lessons to remember.Enjoy!
  • 92. Family Wealth Talks

    On this week's episode, Lori and Jon go over some tips on how to talk to your family about finances to ensure a secure future for all. They also talk about how to get started on family planning and how working with a financial advisor can help with the transition of wealth. Enjoy!
  • 91. Trust & Estate Planning ft. Michael Scott

    On this week's episode, Lori and Jon are joined by Michael Scott, Partner at Clark Wilson LLP. Michael explains why a family might choose the help of an estate lawyer rather than handling estate matters themselves. He also explains some of the common issues he sees when helping families with estate planning and what advice he would give families to ensure an organized transition of wealth.Click here to find out how you can contact Michael directly:!
  • 90. Investing in Retirement: Real Estate or Stocks?

    When it comes to investing, Canadians have many options to choose from! On this week's episode, Lori and Jon discuss which is better out of the 2 most popular routes: Real Estate or Stocks? They explain the main differences between the two and how they compare in historical performance.Enjoy!
  • 89. Currency of Life

    On this week's episode, as today marks International Women’s Day, Lori and Jon take this opportunity to discuss the most common traits of female investors. They also discuss how our relationship with money changes as we age, what is considered a good relationship with money, and how health plays a role in your attitude toward money as you enter retirement.Enjoy!