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  • Interior Design - Benefits, budgets & trends!

    Topics covered : Interior design, discovering your own style, trends. In this bite-sized episode I chat to interior designer Tiffany Jones of Beach House Interiors.Tiffany lives in Clare with her husband Wayne and their 3.5 year old son Guy.If you’re following me on Instagram you might be aware that we recently moved into our forever home by the sea and Tiffany was, and still is, our interior designer and now friend.In this conversation she talks about the role of an interior designer, how to figure out your personal style, the importance of budgeting and her expert opinion on trends!To contact Tiffany...Interior Designer | Beach House Interior Design | Ireland ( House Interiors (@beachhouse.interiors) • Instagram photos and videosIf you’re a fan of what I do, please follow, rate and review in all the usual places.And thanks, as always, for your support of Ready to be Real.

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  • Laura Dowling : The fabulous pharmacist!

    Topics covered : Women’s health – sex, miscarriage, perimenopause, incontinence, shedding shame; motherhood and Mum guilt, Gaza and social media censorship. This week I speak to business owner, podcaster and personality, Laura Dowling, known online as the Fabulous Pharmacist.Laura lives in Dublin, with her husband Frank, their 3 boys who are 16, 13 and 11 and their dog Carlo.She worked as a pharmacist for over 20 years and is the founder & CEO of fabÜ nutritional supplements.In this conversation she talks about women’s health and the importance of shedding shame when it comes to our bodies, motherhood, the ongoing genocide in Gaza and social media censorship.fabÜ nutritional supplements – fabuwellnessIf you liked this episode, others to check out are...Alana Kirk : Midlife coachJenny Keane : Sex EducationDr. Hazel Wallace : The Food MedicDeirdre O'Kane : It only gets betterSexologist Emily Power Smith : Sex Part 1 & 2Menopause Part 1 & 2Helena Tubridy :All things FertilityIf you’re a fan of what I do, please follow, rate and review in all the usual places.And thanks, as always, for your support of Ready to be Real.
  • Karen Dempsey : The Bald Priestess & Entheos Ireland

    Topics covered : Alopecia Universalas, positive birth story, empowerment, inequality, activism, allyship, grief, miscarriage, still birth, episiotomy, PRIDE, colonisation.This week I speak to celebrant and director of Entheos Ireland, Karen Dempsey, also known as The Bald Priestess.Karen lives in Dublin, with her husband Liam, their son Beineán (18), daughter Róisín (5) and their dog Milo.In this conversation Karen talks about Alopecia Universalas; coming to terms with it and how she doesn't miss her hair at all anymore. She speaks about why she set up 'Entheos', an inclusive organisation founded to serve people outside traditional faith paths and her work as a celebrant, which she is so passionate about. She shares her extraordinary home birth experience with Róisín during the chat, her thoughts on taking part in ancient pilgrimage Lough Derg, and why activism and allyship are very important to her.To connect with Karen go to….Entheos | Community • Ceremony • ChangeThe article I mentioned during the chat…Sile Seoige - My Lough Derg Diary: darkness before dawn | Irish IndependentIf you’re a fan of what I do, please follow, rate and review in all the usual places.And thanks, as always, for your support of Ready to be Real.
  • Constipation : Why you can’t go and what you can do about it

    Topics covered : Fibre, relaxation, routine, sleep, gut-brain axis, impact of stress, IBS, microbiome, biotics.Registered dietitian Lorraine Cooney has just released her book ‘Why you can’t go and what you can do to find life changing relief from constipation’ and this conversation is all about that!She talks about the importance of fibre, relaxation and routine when it comes to a healthy digestive system.Why supporting our microbiome is crucial and the differences between pro, pre and post biotics.I learnt a lot listening to Lorraine and I feel that my own habits have improved since we spoke.
  • Sarah Durham Wilson : Rebel with a cause

    Topics covered : Palestine, Sinéad O’Connor, patriarchy, patriarchal feminine, family dynamics, wellness industry, grief, activism, midlife, decolonisation, liberation for all.This week I speak to author and teacher, Sarah Durham Wilson, known on Instagram as Sarah of Magdalene.She lives in Maine with her young daughter Avalon, her cat Odin and dog Riley.She previously worked as an Arts and music writer with the likes of Rolling Stone, GQ and Vanity Fair.And in this conversation she talks about Palestine and the impact the devastation in Gaza has had on her, the patriarchy, patriarchal women, the wellness industry and the importance of decolonisation.This conversation helped me enormously and I think it could for you too.Books :‘Maiden to Mother’ by Sarah Durham Wilson‘The Great Cosmic Mother’ by Monica Sjöö and Barbara Mor‘God is a Black Woman’ by Christena ClevelandIf you like this conversation, other episodes to listen to…Ruth Smith : Love and JusticeDaniel Mate : Dismantling blindspotsDr Myriam François : Speaking truth to powerCaoimhe Butterly : Collective CareRóisín El Cherif : Palestinian prideAlana Kirk : Midlife coachHolly Cairns : Politics is PersonalIf you’re a fan of what I do, please follow, rate and review in all the usual places.And thanks, as always, for your support of Ready to be Real.
  • Holly Cairns : Politics is Personal

    Topics covered : Politics, Gaza, threat of the Far-right, people power.This week I speak to farmer, scientist, feminist and leader of the Social Democrats, Holly Cairns.She lives in West Cork on her family farm with her partner Barry, her dog Hei Hei and her cat Blaze.And in this conversation she talks about growing up in a blended family, her bond with her mother, how she got into politics, her stance on the devastating situation in Gaza, the threat of the Far-right and the importance of unity, now, more than ever.I have wanted to sit down and chat to Holly for a very long time as she's someone I really admire so I am delighted that we made it happen.We met in 2019 for the first time and I liked her instantly.She was genuine, down to earth and great company and I for one, am so glad that she decided to venture into politics, as her voice is so badly needed in the Dáil.​Political quiz2024 Political Quiz ( you’re a fan of what I do, please follow, rate and review in all the usual places.And thanks, as always, for your support of Ready to be Real.
  • Michael Harding : Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary (re-release)

    Topics covered : Failure, faith, religion, awareness, meditation, death, compassion, love. This is a re-release of an episode I recorded with author, playwright, podcaster, poet and all-round wonderful human being, Michael Harding in December 2022.Michael is someone I had wanted to speak to for years so it was an absolute pleasure to speak with him.In this enlightening conversation we talk about his love of religion, the power of failure and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.His latest book ‘All the things left unsaid – confessions of love and regret’ is a stunning collection of letters he wrote for the people who deeply affected him over the years and it’s available now in all good bookshops.He's charmingly self-deprecating, reflective and his voice is one I could listen to forever. I hope you enjoy our conversation.If you’re a fan of my pod, please follow, rate and review in all the usual places. And thanks, as always, for your support of Ready to be Real.