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The Hospitality Tactician - Adam Block

Season 1, Ep. 8

Our next guest is Adam Block, probably the most important player in over 1200 hospitality venues across the United States.

He has owned, run, negotiated, reinvigorated, leased, litigated so many deals my head spinning.

Yet he manages to stay super humble. 

He talks partners, deals, covid and re imagining the hospitality space.

He gives insights on how to pivot and lean forward in the new playing field in front of us and how to navigate the sharks.

This guy is super informative and an old mate of mine who I used from time to time as mentor and ear for advice.

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Ep 12: Nasser Jabber - Founder The Migrant Kitchen

Season 2, Ep. 12
Today’s guest Nasser (Nas) Jabber (from The Migrant Kitchen amongst other things) is proof that resilience, determination, a strong moral compass and doing good for others can positively change your life. This guy’s story is truly fascinating and incredibly humbling.  From growing up in a tight-knit community and loving household , to finding himself living on the streets of NYC, we hear about his tenacity to keep going, even in times of great adversity.  Two global crises nearly ruined him, this latest one propelled him forward, and what started out as a way of emptying his fridges when he was forced to close his operation in order to help feed frontline workers has now become a full time job, empowering the migrants he employs to produce food from their homelands to feed not only those in need but discerning customers across the city.Originally from Ramallah, Palestine, Nasser Jaber came to the United States to study. Working at restaurants to pay his way, Nas discovered that his true passion was food. His talents would take him from waiting tables to training under some of the best chefs in New York City. Inspired by the diverse stories of America’s immigrant communities, Nas developed his acclaimed project Displaced Kitchens. Passionate about culinary diplomacy, Nas has worked with the U.S. government in Turkey and Sweden to provide real solutions to the refugee crisis through food hospitality and farming.We hope you enjoy this heartfelt exploration of a life that has had many twists and turns but ultimately allowed him to find his true calling/