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Raise Her Up

Turning Eco Anxiety into Eco Agency

Ep. 6

With the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in session, we address the issues of eco awareness and eco anxiety and how we can broach and discuss this with our children. As parents we may feel conflicted - too overwhelmed with the day-to-day running of family, home and work to participate meaningfully. Perhaps we do worry about climate change but don’t know how to engage our children without transferring our own anxieties to them. Or maybe we just don’t yet have the words to reassure our youngsters given the scale of the problem.

Our guest today is Kathleen Hamilton, Programmes & Partnerships Director at Force Of Nature, a youth nonprofit who work to empower young people to turn their eco-anxiety into action, and with leaders across business and education to drive intergenerational solutions. Kathleen suggests ways for us to engage with our children and students to reassure, encourage and mobilise them, hopefully reigniting our own agency in the process. 

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  • 12. 10 Minutes to Better Mental Health with CBT & Mindfulness

    GP and CBT therapist Dr Lee David realised during lockdown that the NHS’ mental health services would simply not be able to meet the demand for therapy and support in the fallout from the pandemic. Her book 10 Minutes to Better Mental Health: A Step-by-Step Guide for Teens Using CBT and Mindfulness aims to give young people and their parents the tools to better understand how to deal with setbacks and become their own therapists. 
  • 11. Let's Talk About Sex

    Our fantastic guest this fortnight is tiktoker and sex educator Milly Evans. With over 400k followers on tiktok, Milly is the go-to for young people wanting to find honest and reliable information about all areas of sex and relationships. As the daughter of parents who own a sex toy shop, Milly grew up with sex being openly discussed, and started campaigning for compulsory sex education for all, in her teens, while still at school. Her brilliant and bestselling book, Honest: Everything They Don’t Tell You About Sex, Relationships and Bodies came out is available now, and here.
  • 9. From Motherland to Mendes - behind the scenes

    For this twixmas time of year our guest is critically-acclaimed and much loved actor Tanya Moodie. She’s done everything from Shakespeare to prime-time TV. You may well know her from the BAFTA award-winning series Motherland, as the straight-talking and hard-partying Meg whose character battled and overcame breast cancer in the latest series. Tanya joins us today to talk to us about her career, getting into - and out of - character, and how the world of acting has changed since she graduated from RADA in 1993.
  • 7. Hysterical: The Myth of Gendered Emotions

    Behavioural and data scientist Professor Pragya Agarwal is a heavyweight when it comes to matters of equality, unconscious bias, diversity and inclusion. Her last book, (M)otherhood, was an examination of what it is to be a woman and mother, and a look at society’s obsession with the female body. Her latest book, Hysterical, seeks to explode the myth of gendered emotions, looking at whether there is any truth in the concept of innate differences between the way men and women experience what they feel.  
  • 6. In The Line Of Fire

    Our guest on this episode of Raise Her Up is Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist, foreign correspondent - and GDST alumna - Ramita Navai, who has reported from conflict zones including Syria, Afghanistan and Iran. In her podcast In The Line of Fire, she speaks to fellow war reporters about their experiences. She joins us on this episode to give us insights into her undercover work, how she prepares to go into hostile territory, her experiences as a female reporter - and why she would still recommend her profession to budding journalists.
  • 5. The Yorkshire Shepherdess: protecting the land and celebrating the seasons

    On this episode we are talking to the author, presenter, mother of 9 and shepherdess of 1000 sheep… Amanda Owen.Amanda Owen shot to fame when she and her family appeared in Channel 5’s Our Yorkshire Farm, first airing in 2018, and soon gaining a huge following, with 3m viewers per episode. Known as the Yorkshire Shepherdess, Amanda is also a best-selling author, presenter, photographer and mother of 9. Her latest book, Celebrating The Seasons, is part memoir, part recipe book, and continues the story of the family’s life throughout the year on Ravenseat Farm. Airing to coincide with #COP27, this episode includes Amanda discussing her relationship with nature, and the need for us to see ourselves as ‘custodians of the land’, protecting it and passing it on to future generations…as well as some great Ravenseat Farm anecdotes which you won’t want to miss!
  • 4. The Lowdown on Breasts

    Breasts. A body part. A source of nutrition, of insecurities, of worry, of sexual desire. Our relationship with breasts is complex, and may change at various points throughout our lives. As we watch our daughters grow up, we want them to feel acceptance and confidence in their changing bodies, without health, social or sexual factors influencing their perspective. In this episode to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our guest is speaker, author, and podcaster… Dr Liz O’Riordan.As a former breast surgeon who has herself had and recovered from breast cancer, she’ll talk us through all things breast-related, what’s normal and healthy, and what to expect from them at various times of our lives and cycles. She’ll also share her insights into the cultural side of breasts, taking in identity, women's relationships with their bodies, and how breasts are treated in our society and media. 
  • 3. How to Survive and Thrive in Politics

    Our guest on this episode of Raise Her Up is politician and member of the House of Lords Baroness Sayeeda Warsi. As the first Muslim woman to serve in cabinet under prime minister David Cameron, she used her position to educate and speak out on issues around islamophobia, extremism and racial equality. She joins us to talk about her thoughts about the current political landscape, her own experiences, and what it has been like working as a political mentor alongside former Number 10 Chief of Staff Alastair Campbell in Channel 4’s Make Me Prime Minister, a show that seeks to find the next generation of political leaders – out now!
  • 2. How to Say No

    This episode we welcome multi award winning Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Child and Adult Mental Health specialist, Dr Nihara Krause. Dr Krause is the CEO and founder of stem4, the Teenage Mental Health charity recently name checked by Hollywood actor Tom Holland when announcing his break from social media to benefit his own mental health. Dr Krause talks about how to break cycles of people-pleasing, how to step back and set boundaries, and how to address issues around consent. We also discuss when it is beneficial to say yes! An essential listen for anyone who feels the need to keep everyone happy and the struggle to protect their ownwellbeing.