cover art for R2Kast 199 - Tatum Claypool on Canadian History and Resurgence of Indigenous people in Agriculture

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R2Kast 199 - Tatum Claypool on Canadian History and Resurgence of Indigenous people in Agriculture

Season 4, Ep. 34

Fixing a politically engrained issue in Canada and living -40!

Night 2 in Brazil I jumped in the pool again on my own when everyone was bored of it…as it felt like nothing short of warm tea I decided to jump out and heard someone shout “hey Wallace” and I instant recognised the person as the 2024 Nuffield Scholar with hands down the coolest title!  

Tatum who works in credit is from an indigenous population in north Battleford, Saskatchewan! She is aiming to look at the resurgence of indigenous people in agriculture…let me tell you the barriers people have faced purely based on their origin is insane and not too much of a distant memory yet!

You can also tune in for my most embarrassing story yet in the first few minutes!

A pretty bloody inspiring episode with my Canadian mother in Brazil!😂


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  • 39. R2Kast 204 - Maddy Bretey-Smith on 4H, Tanzania and youth development

    4-H, dancing, Tanzania and…Banana bread?Ever meet someone and just get on straight away? That was myself and today’s guest and I’m quite certain she’ll have that impact on most! Maddy Bretey-Smith from Iowa in the states was one of the American team in Tanzania that we spent a week with last year! She has been in 4H her entire life and now as a staff member leads a team that she once saw as the peak to be involved in, she joined as a member and now is overseeing global integration and much more!A great person advocating a phenomenal youth development group! She also loves cats so what more could you ask for?Enjoy!
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    Getting into farming, calf rearing and millions of views!Our guest today, Josie Eccles studied at SRUC Barony and studied during the online Covid environment!Josie doesn’t come from farming and after studying animal care noticed agriculture was where her heart was! So the door knocking began and phoning people just asking for a chance now here she is choosing the clients she reads calves for all the while sharing the trials and tribulations in the most entertaining way on TikTok as weejosie2.0!Great advocate for the sector that brings in people from outside the sector!Enjoy!