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Ep. 3

In his National Conference Plenary, "There Are Worlds and There Are Worlds," John Hodges brought us into the interplay between the seen and the unseen. The topic was too rich for a single session, so Brandon sat down with him to dive deeper into the waters. You can find John’s talk in which he takes the audience through the music of The Firebird as well as other conference audio at

To learn more about John’s work at The Center for Western Studies please visit:

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  • 42. Music Man: John Hodges on Strauss' "Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks"

    In this Episode our resident composer introduces Brandon to Tone Poems with Richard Strauss's Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks. Sheet Music: Music and Video: for Western Studies:
  • 41. Poet's Corner: Christin Perrin on "The Beautiful Changes"

    Christine and Brandon read aloud The Beautiful Changes by Richard Wildbur. They discuss his interplay between nature and memory.Send questions and comments to
  • 40. Music Man: John Mason Hodges on "The Firebird"

    John Mason Hodges joins Brandon for another installment of our music literacy feature. In this episode, John talks us through Igor Stravinsky's Firebird, fairytales, and getting a new musical to the stage.John's show: Green Room 42:
  • 39. Data Driven Education

    It may seem like Classical Education is the antithesis to the modern concept of "data-driven education" which has a tendency to reduce everything, including people, to a data point on a spreadsheet. But that doesn't mean data and research don't have a place in the Classical renewal. In this conversation, Brandon LeBlanc is joined by Dr. Albert Cheng, Director of The Classical Education Research Lab, to discuss how both long-term data on the 1st generation of Classical graduates and new studies on specific pedagogy and policy can help the renewal as we move from "off the radar" to " in the spotlight". Links of note: Cardus/Good Soil Report: The Classical Education Research Lab:
  • 38. Notes From The Quad: Magdalen College

    In this episode, Brandon visits with Dr. Ryan Messmore and Trae Bailey of Magdalen College. They discuss The Integrated Humanities Program at The University of Kansas, including Trae's interviews with graduates of the program. Trae and Ryan also share the role poetic knowledge plays in the life and curriculum of Magdalen College.Magdalen College: Program: Knowledge:
  • 37. Poet's Corner: Christin Perrin on "Fisk Jubilee Proclamation"

    Christine and Brandon read aloud Fisk Jubilee Proclamation, by contemporary poet Tyehimba Jess. This poem comes from Jess's 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry-winning book Olio. They discuss Jess's masterful marriage of form and content and spectacular word choice.Olio: discussing Jubilee Singers: - popular music through poetry: on Jess: Carter on Negro Spirituals:
  • 36. Ancient Life Coach

    In this episode, Brandon visits with Alex Petkas, the founder of Ancient Life Coach and host of the Plutarch Podcast, The Cost of Glory. They discuss what led Alex away from academia to approach Plutarch and other classics from a different angle. Listen in on the conversation about Plutarch's relevance today, as well as Plutarch's Life of Sulla.Find The Cost of Glory podcast and more from Alex here: questions and comments to and join the Quiddity conversation at
  • 35. Poet's Corner: Christine Perrin on "Patience"

    Christine Perrin returns for the third installment of Poet's Corner and we return once more to Hopkins for Patience. Join us as we discuss Hopkins's inscape, including Hans Boersma's reflections on the sacramental character of the body of Hopkin's work.More from Christine: questions and comments to and join the Quiddity conversation at
  • 34. Consorting with Classical Educators

    In this episode Brandon connects with a panel of friends, old and new, to discuss the development of regional Consortiums of Classical Educators. Apprenticeship graduates Timothy Knotts, Jessie Smith, and Carrie Eben, as well as President of Kepler Education, Scott Postma, discuss the formation and goals of these consortiums and how they seek to serve local classical educators.CIRCE Apprenticeship: Consortium June 2-3: Consortium June 9-10: England Consortium June 23-24: the Quiddity conversation! questions & comments to